Needle scarf "neck" icing small face (Figure)

"Isn't there any drawbacks?" This is sometimes when we wear a suit, the solution is actually very simple, a scarf is enough.

A bright scarf brightens the whole moment. Gently wrap around your shoulders, seemingly casual. The hanging down scarf also looks richer when it comes to a single match.

The long scarves, which naturally rest on the body after a light lap, overlap with the coats and make people more compact. Of course, there is no shortage of gas fields.

Layers are all wrapped around the neck. In the case of all body colors are grayish black, the appearance of the royal blue scarf not only played the finishing touch.

Lavender color is a very fresh color, casually piled on the shoulders, piled a thick sense, with suits and dresses, anti-season match but more Aspect.

The scarf around the city is a very lively way of dressing. Large sweaters, Slim pants, slightly rolled up the trousers and then with the ankle boots, a great way to wear children.

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