2011 spring and summer gentlemen's neck style (Figure)

Gentlemen, will you tie a scarf in the spring and summer season? Would you deliberately highlight the details of the neck with your eye-catching shirt collar? If you still feel that this is superfluous, it means “strict punishment?獠 獠 飧龃 飧龃 飧龃 飧龃 飧龃 飧龃 惺 惺 惺 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 鞯 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 唬 褪 唬

Men's grass kerchief hot this season!

Do not think this is the color that the girls will consider, this spring and summer with a strong exotic elements of the flower elements is definitely a hot trend in the men's trend, especially in the square. It is recommended to use it with a sweater. It can be laid on both sides of the coat, or it can be knotted and placed in the collar.

Eye-catching shirt took a pocket towel definitely has a range of children!

Spring and summer suits are completely different from other seasons. You can find striking shirts and light-colored suits. Of course, in particular, do not forget the use of pocket towels, will definitely make you more range of children, if there is a uniform color of scarves can also be marked one more, so that the overall image is more complete.

Stylish scarf makes the dress more stylish!

This should be the easiest way to grasp the scarf system, as long as you find the right color with the clothes, put a long scarf on your body. Of course, the method of lightly knotting is also very popular this season, whether with a suit or a knit shirt is worth a try.

Variety of long scarf is worth recommending!

For the spring and summer season, slender long neckbands are also very practical. They can be placed freely on the chest, or they can be twisted into ropes and tied around the neck. With cool spring and summer attire, it is recommended!

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