An Ruijing well-known women's wear: a low-key gesture interpretation of the meaning of beauty

ORIGIN original meaning of "new, new, original, original", Chinese transliteration "Anrui well." Meaning metaphor to create a new ideology, create a new way of life, create a new fashion image. ORIGIN is based on the brand culture of "apparel is a silent language, An Ruijing wash away all the glory, singing in poetry," and interprets the beauty of the content in a low profile. ORIGIN apparel design style is dedicated to exploring the characteristics of natural innocence, to abandon the cumbersome and artificial, using natural and comfortable natural high-tech or natural fabrics, cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics, portrait interpretation of pure beauty, elaborate my personality. Clothing and accessories are free to mix, mix at random, in advocating consumer self-dress ideas and tastes, but also will be Anrui Jing costumes seeking innocence, the style of self-recovery reflected most vividly. Temperament, taste and personality of urban fashion women are ORIGIN consumer groups, "she" has a rich cultural foundation, sensitive to the new things, the pursuit of modern fashion life, but also attach importance to their own success. In line with the design concept of "Human, Nation, Civilization, Culture and Boundlessness", Anrui Jing now owns a large number of pyramid top customer groups such as art workers, presenters, entertainers and overseas residents.

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