Italian high-end men's clothing brand Bertin Fini recently appeared in China

The Italian high-end menswear brand PT · FINI (Buyfini) acquired by Woven shares recently appeared in the Chinese market. As early as the 2009 Jiangsu International Fashion Festival, the exhibition hall of PT FINI was very much in the spotlight, which was a warm-up publicity for its successful entry into the Chinese market, when many visitors stopped. As one of the top men's suits in Europe, PT · FINI inherits the usual Italian classic and fashion, with fine handwork, fusion of elegance and modern design style. PT · FINI's high-end suits, all selected top customized fabric custom tailor-made fabrics, by the most prestigious Italian craft division and first-class designers to create the world's top arc cutting process, giving it the soul with the suit culture. In recent years, PT FINI pays more attention to the latest trend in the world and advocates the mixed style of neoclassical and fashionable style, which reflects the mature, steady, noble and resolute style of successful people. At the same time, PT · FINI adhere to pay attention to the details of the brand has always been the requirement, but also concerned about the texture and craftsmanship rigorous research. After an in-depth analysis of high-grade men's wear and China's target market, PT · FINI launched a set of scientific and accurate planning: stores and shopping malls as the channel, focusing on the domestic first-line shopping district or first-line shopping malls, opening flagship store, image shop, The control. At the same time planning and Shanghai, Beijing and other top shopping centers to develop cooperation, the original authentic Italian dress culture and high-quality men in China to share.

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