Buy the first luxury watch on life

If you have a budget of tens of thousands of yuan, is planning to buy the first good table in life, I hope it not only demonstrates extraordinary taste, but also look good practical performance, it is best to preserve the value, never outdated ... ... then, in the vast sea of ​​tables , There are always some classic no suspense row at the top of the list to be selected, even without diamonds, there is no complicated multi-function, they are still the wrist wrist gems handed down. Chanel J12 Series Eternal black and white Coco Chanel has created a different type of woman for an entire generation, she can drive all the way from Paris to the Côte d'Azur, she can get up early in the morning for riding. Because of her, swimsuit began to have a stylish appearance; because of her, healthy brown skin is a trend; Along the way, Chanel-style elegance is more than others a straightforward and courageous. The J12 is a glittering sailing boat that gathers countless glory in the history of international races; it represents elegance, precision and courage to professional racers. Inspired by this Chanel first sports watch is named J12. The case is made of high-tech precision ceramics with a hardness rating equivalent to that of diamonds. The brilliant polished diamonds make the J12 shine like metal. The Chanel watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, known as the Swiss Watch Valley, offers the J12 the most sophisticated watchmaking guarantee.

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