Popular accessories to enhance autumn style

Copyright All Rights Reserved Written by Ni Ya Executive / Ni Ya, Miao Qiangwen / Fairy Photo / Xu Yongming model / ancient morning (Dragon elite) makeup / Zhang Meng sound (Dong Tian modeling) Clothing Assistant / Lao Gong layout design / Lee pupil ● These summer accessories are still functional! - To shell, color crystal, resin and other natural elements based jewelry, colorful, cheerful sweet. ● What early autumn jewelry most popular? - Selection of gold, silver, flash diamond gorgeous material, simple shape, sexy and delicate. With a small volume of retro pearl earrings contrast technology sense of the large volume of flash diamond pendant necklace, a variety of beauty of time and space set in one, not monotonous. Luxury styling allows the focus of the neck sexy. Black laminated necklace / KONPLOTT 17,800 yuan, pearl earrings / ARTINI 480 yuan, gold flash diamond ring / ARTI NI 780 yuan, silver ring / Oxette 840 yuan, white crystal universe necklace / KONPLOTT 8280 yuan, olive green bikini / MISS SIXTY 590 yuan.

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