Move the pointer to MAGIC moment

Executive / Wang Yanhong Photography / Bao Haibo Remember fairy fairy magic wand? Light, wonderful, harmonious, good, new, bright, all the beautiful scenes will be realized one by one, so, we have been looking forward to having a "jewelry timer", "eternal Jewelry Muse," said PIAGET (Earl), founded by Earl of Georgia in a small Swiss village in 1847 to emphasize the fancy design style and crafted watchmaking skills. Today, PIAGET is one of only a handful of Swiss watchmakers that truly have the ability to design, develop and manufacture movement. Swivel mobile case Possession diamond watch, so that every second of ordinary time is full of joy, magic and light shine relaxed atmosphere. MagicReflections jewelry with a magical snowflake shadow, subtle rhythms of light, snowflakes, reflection and more are all filled with elusive elements. PIAGET's traditional watchmaking and creative jewelery designs all embody the innermost desires of every woman: fairy-tale enchantments, laughter, surprises, fantastic magic, and brilliant light. light

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