Classic story and business negotiation

The three-step process of business negotiation provides us with a basic framework that we can follow to master the business negotiation process. Undoubtedly, affirming value can make us understand the respective needs of the negotiating parties; creating value can make us achieve a win-win goal; overcoming obstacles allows us to reach an agreement smoothly. However, our negotiators often can't really understand their connotations. Therefore, we will tell you a classic story that is widely circulated in the negotiating circles.

One mother gave an orange to two children in the neighborhood. The two children discussed how to divide the orange. The two men quarreled and quarreled, and reached a consensus. One child was responsible for cutting the oranges while the other was choosing oranges. As a result, the two children each obtained half of the oranges in accordance with the agreed method and took it home happily.

The former child took half of the oranges to the house, peeled the skin and threw it into the trash can, and put the pulp on the juice machine to drink the juice. Another child came home and dug the flesh into the trash can, left the orange peel and grind it, mixed it in the flour and baked the cake.

From the above situation, we can see that although the two children each received half of what seemed to be fair, their respective things were used for the best. This shows that they did not communicate well in advance, that is, the two children did not declare their respective interests. Without prior declaration of value, the two sides blindly pursued fairness in form and position. As a result, their respective interests have not been enlarged in the negotiations.

If we think about it, two children can fully communicate their needs, and there may be multiple plans and situations. One possible situation is to follow the above situation. The two children try to separate the skin from the flesh, one to get the flesh to drink the juice, and the other to take the skin to make the cake. However, it may be another situation after communication. There is a child who wants to make a cake and want to drink orange juice. At this time, how to create value is very important.

As a result, children who want the whole orange offer can come up with other questions. He said: "If you give me all this orange, you will not have to pay back the lollipop that you owe me last time." In fact, his teeth were ruined, and his parents would not let him eat sugar last week.

Another child thought about it and agreed soon. He had just asked for five dollars from his parents and was ready to buy sugar to pay off debts. This time he can use the five dollars to play the game, only to care about this sour orange juice.

The negotiation process of the two children is actually a process of continuous communication and value creation. Both parties are seeking solutions to their own interests while also meeting the needs of the other party's larger interests.

The process of business negotiation is actually the same. Good negotiators are not blindly sticking to their positions, pursuing inseparability, but communicating with each other, starting from the greater interests of both parties, creating various solutions, and using relatively small concessions in exchange for greater benefits. And the other party follows the same principle to obtain exchange conditions. On the basis of satisfying the greater interests of both parties, if there are still obstacles to reaching an agreement, then you may wish to stand on the other side's position and think for the other side to help clear all obstacles to reaching an agreement. In this way, the final agreement is not difficult to achieve.

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