14 ways to get rid of stinky foot odor

[This site] Summer is approaching, and the odors on shoes and socks that are worn for a day become more obvious, and they are often embarrassing when dealing with people. In fact, foot odor not only affects emotions, but some people also carry a burden for foot odor, and even have a sense of inferiority.

So why are shoes smelly?

This is due to the sweating of the soles of the feet. There are 620 sweat glands per square centimeter in the foot. The same area of ​​other parts of the body is only 143 to 339, that is, palms and soles of the feet are several times more than other parts of sweat glands. When people's activities increase, the weather is hot, mental stress, and spicy hot foods are burned, sweat will be secreted in large quantities.

In addition to moisture and salt, sweat also contains lactic acid and urea. Under hyperhidrosis conditions, bacteria on the feet multiply and degrade keratin proteins, plus urea and lactic acid in sweat, which gives off an odor. If you wear shoes, sneakers, and shoes that are very tight and the air does not circulate, the odor will accumulate. Once you loose the shoelace, the odor will blow.

In addition to a few tricks shoes smelly foot odor:

1. Ladles of lime into the shoes (the desiccants often found in foods such as snow rice cakes).

2, pomelo skin torn into small pieces into the shoes.

3. Put your feet in hot water at 50 to 60 degrees Celsius for several times, 15 minutes each time, once or twice a day.

4. When you wash your feet, add 10 to 15 ml of rice vinegar to the water. After mixing, place your feet in the soak for about 15 minutes. Once a day, keep for three to four days in a row. The foot odor can disappear.

5. When you wash your feet, add 50 grams of alum in hot water and soak for 10 minutes to remove foot odor.

6, Pueraria 15 grams, research into go-between, plus 15 grams of white wine, plus appropriate amount of water, after washing feet, once a day, after a week, can remove foot odor caused by sweat.

7. Before going to bed every night, use a cotton ball or cloth to sip a small amount of alcohol, evenly apply it to the plastic and shoes that have just been taken off, and wait until the next morning to dry it. After insisting for two weeks, the shoe will not smell bad.

8, take the appropriate amount of dehydrated alum or dry lime powder, use a small cloth bag, placed every night before going to sleep shoes.

9, a few capsules of camphor balls pressed into powder, sprinkled in a clean shoe, insole on a pad, so that when the wear is not easy to smelly feet. Mothballs can not be in direct contact with the feet. The mothballs inside can be changed once every other week. Mothballs can play a very good antibacterial effect and can kill a large number of bacteria that grow due to moisture, so that there will be no odor.

10, the newly bought plastic, shoes, in its sponge on the bottom evenly sprayed white wine (until the sponge can not absorb until), after its drying, wear will not produce odors (such as old plastic, shoes After washing it, it can also be treated in the same way).

11, the dry tea (soaked can also be) into the shoes to remove odors.

12, melon skin: winter melon skin is refreshing, spleen, dampness effect, can be used to treat kidney disease, lung disease, heart disease caused by edema, abdominal distension, urination and other symptoms. The use of winter melon skin decoction to wash your feet is not only cure athlete's foot, but also governance foot odor, killing two birds with one stone.

13, socks are also very easy to smell, in the water socks, pour a little white vinegar, soak for a while, then wash with water, this will not only remove odors, but also play a role in sterilization.

14, the smell of the shoe is also very good solution. As long as you put a soap in the shoe, you can easily remove the odor in the shoe. There is a good smell in the open shoe cabinet.

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