Leading the footwear industry with fashion marketing

First-line dealers often say that those brands that have been successful in the past few years have done well in advertising, and the terminal has made early efforts. Our advertisements are pale and weak, and many consumers do not know our brand! In fact, the market advantage we feel today is the long-term accumulation of the first few stages of the pre-launch brand, not just the beginning of their current, many small and medium-sized shoe enterprises are still imitating the pre-stage brand, so the whole industry It is very homogenous in some competitive factors that are not easy to break through.

The market is always changing, and the things of the same quality can't stand the long-term test of the market. The process of shuffling the market is “to take the jade in the stone, the gold in the sand”, and “the jade into the gold” is reserved for the small and medium-sized shoe enterprises to realize the “terminal is king”. The opportunities are not much, and the terminal advantage is concentrated on a few brands.

It can be known from the first-line market that there will be no more than five leather shoes brands that can truly operate domestically. In some regions, their annual sales can exceed 100 million yuan. It is a strong shoe brand in the county and city's prosperous footwear business chain. The terminal stores are densely distributed throughout the country, with good performance and high survival rate.) Because they have been accumulating the marketing skill and service market level, from the combination and refinement of iconic products to the communication and communication level, all aspects are reflected. The advantage that comes out is “not the cold of the day”, so in the current and future competition stage, the dark horse-style enterprises that rush into the top five are no longer as easy to be born as many years ago.

At the same time, it is not difficult to find in the first-line market: the process of dominant brands forming a one-city multi-store in the national siege is also the process of weak small and medium-sized brands retreating the market, and the market share is increasingly concentrated on brands with market status!

According to the author's long-term observation, the leather shoes enterprises that operate the street shops with chain monopoly can stand up in the whole country in the way of one city, multiple stores or big stores or flagship stores, so there are only five brands (not Including the sub-brands among them, the Chinese city's general prosperous footwear business district is also a few streets. These brands are multi-stores, the brand popularity is high, the store survival rate is high, and many miscellaneous brands are in high rent. Under the pressure of cost, it is impossible to use the monopoly to compete with it. It can only be retired to the cheap shoe city or the shoe supermarket, and seek to survive in the form of cabinets (halls, islands).

A few follow-up brands can only compete for a market position of 20-60 million yuan in annual sales in a very small number of regions (because of the company's biased positioning and support, plus the agents' business ideas and strengths, etc.) It is very difficult for them to make annual sales in the region of 100 million yuan. Due to the lack of competitiveness of the small and medium-sized brand regional success stories, the tension of many small and medium-sized leather shoes enterprises that break through the market dilemma is often limited. The homogenization competition results in the sales performance of other regions is often flat and cannot be Advantageous brands will become a harmonious competition in the city. However, from the perspective of industry complementarity, the author also needs to establish confidence in SMEs, to find their own vitality, the development of an industry, the complementary factors in the industrial chain are indispensable, the survival of the fittest, small and medium-sized shoe enterprises There are still many opportunities to become stronger and bigger in a certain part of the industry chain! In the words of the secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, it is necessary to encourage Wenzhou small enterprises to develop into "specialized and special new" and encourage the development of new entrepreneurial entities.

In recent years, consumer behavior has become more rational, and conventional marketing methods have caused consumers' aesthetic fatigue. How to show consumers the personality of their products and brands? Just as some small and medium-sized shoe enterprises end their own destiny with homogenization and fierce competition, the dominant brand has started a new round of marketing improvement, and the cultural factor of this upgrade is: use fashion to break through homogenous competition and perfect leather shoes. From the comfort and other functions to the sense of fashion, using fashion elements to adapt to new market changes, this has injected new vitality into the Wenzhou leather shoes brand.

With the popularity of the Internet, Chinese people are merging into the trend of world fashion at an alarming rate. Most people in the footwear industry know that the Belle women's shoes, which are now the leading shoe kings of China's leather, have previously been magazines with trend information (such as Ruili). Magazine) or online media as a fashion rushing point, and relying on the department store channel to drive the brand's advantage, although few national hard advertising before, but continued to achieve good brand recognition among female consumers. With the brand reputation, its consistent fashion selling point leveraged the mall channel to achieve a shoe king's leading glory.

Then, as the Wenzhou leather shoes of China's shoes, in the period of the inflection point of the bottleneck in the past few years, what will be going on?

Wenzhou leather shoes began to integrate the fashion products on the iconic products, communicate with the audience, and promote the marketing of footwear to the road of fashion marketing. From the brands such as Aokang, Kangnai and Hung Hom, we have seen the beginning of a fashion breakthrough homogenization competition. The author has analyzed the chain monopoly from the "layer" era to the experience era. The chain monopoly is popular in the shoe industry. For many years, the Wenzhou leather shoe chain monopoly has also been in operation for more than ten years. The level of competition is led by the industry bosses. Then the group enterprises follow the trend and the marketing methods tend to be homogenized. In order to get rid of the bad competition that hurts the brand image and affects the added value of products. Some apparel companies began to seek new ideas to break through the terminal competition, from the simple display of the original shelf laminates to the current multi-functional experience of the store, from the promotion of shoes to the interpretation of fashion boutiques, chain monopoly from monotonous exhibitions. With the layered board into the era of consumer culture experience.

The author also pointed out that: chain monopoly competition from homogenized laminate competition to multi-functional experiential service, indicating that store marketing is undergoing changes, is gradually aligning with the international market, and the penetration of experience stores in the bustling business district of the city will become a high-end product fashion show. Another stand, and this trend of fashion marketing will be strengthened in the process of Wenzhou leather shoes offensive department store.

It is worth mentioning that fashion communication is the way the brand keeps pace with the times and communicates with the audience. Fashion is the carrier of taste. Simple imitation can only be the performance of “pseudo-fashion”. If it is not good, it will be effective.

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