LCL business booking operation process

1. The shipper faxes the consignment note to the shipper, and the content must indicate:

SHIPPER, CONSIGNEE, NOTIFYPARTY, specific destination port, number of pieces, gross weight, size, shipping terms (prepaid, paid, third place payment), goods name, shipping date, other requirements such as fumigation, customs declaration, inspection and so on.

2. The shipper shall ship the ship in accordance with the requirements on the shipper's receipt and send a notice of the ship to the shipper. The ship's name will indicate the name of the ship, the bill of lading number, the shipping address, the contact number, the contact person, the later delivery time, and the time of entry. It is also required that the shipper must deliver the goods according to the information provided and stock the goods before the later delivery time.

3. The shipper carries out customs clearance of the goods to ensure that the goods can be shipped smoothly.

4. The shipper will fax the confirmation of the bill of lading to the shipper one day before shipment. Please ask the shipper to confirm the return before shipment. Otherwise, the bill of lading may be affected. After the ship is opened, the shipper issues a bill of lading within one working day after receiving the shipper's bill of lading confirmation, and settles the relevant fees.

5. After the goods are shipped, the client shall provide the agent information and the second-way pre-distribution information to the shipper. The shipper may contact the port of destination to clear the goods according to the relevant information.


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