Foreign trade management urgently use English

First, call the public phone:

1. I'm calling from a public phone, so I'll call her again.

2. I'm not at home now, so I'll call her around three o'clock again.

3. May I use your phone?

4. Would you mind if I use your phone?

5. How do I get an outside line?

Translation & Analysis:

1. I am calling a public phone now and I will call her again.

2. I am not at home now, I will call her again around three o'clock.

3. Can I use your phone for a while?

4. Don't you mind if I use your phone?

5. How to play outside?

Analysis: *1. public phone is a public phone, pay phone is also a (coin-operated) public phone; public phone booth is a telephone booth.*2. When you call a public phone, it means you can't get the callback, so you will usually tell Contact time or method. *3. Sometimes you can't find a public phone, borrow a phone from a merchant if necessary, or use the above sentences when you borrow a phone from someone else's company. *4. outside line is "outside phone line" and extension is phone (internal line) extension.

Second, make the wrong call:

1. I'm sorry I have the wrong number.

2. Is this 02-2718-5398?

3. Sorry to have bothered you.

4. I'm sorry. I think I must have dialed the wrong number.

5. Could I check the number? Is it 2211-3344

Translation & Analysis

1. Sorry, I made the wrong call. (The wrong phone is usually used: have the wrong number)

2. Is this 02-2718-5398?

3. I am sorry to bother you.

4. Sorry. I think I must have made the wrong call.

5. Can I check my phone number? Is it 2211-3344?

Analysis: 1. The area code is area code2. The phone number of the way: 02-2211-3224 read: area code zero-two, two-two-one-one-three-two-two-four.* 0 can read Cheng oh or zero* 22 can be pronounced as two-two or double two

Third, sorry for saying so late:

1. I'm sorry to call you so late. Sorry to call so late.

2. I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. Sorry to find you at this time. (including hope does not bother you)

3. I hope I didn't wake you up so early. I hope that I haven't quarreled you so early.

4. I'm sorry to call you so early. Sorry to call so early.

5. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour. I am sorry to bother you at this time.

Fourth, the expression method in case of emergency:

1. It's urgent. Could I have her mobilephone number? I am in a hurry, can you tell me her mobile number?

2. Could you tell me where I can reach her? Can you tell me where to find her?

3. This is an emergency. I need to get in contact with him right now. Can you tell me where to find him.

5. If the other party is absent:

1. It's nothing important. Nothing important.

2. It's nothing urgent. Thank you , good-bye. Nothing matters, thank you, goodbye.

3. I'll call her again. I will call her again.

4. I'll call back later. I will call again later.

Please ask Miss Chen to call me back. Please call me back.

6. Could you tell her to call Carol as soon as possible? Can I ask her to call Carlo as soon as possible?

7. Ask her to call Carol at home after seven, please. Trouble she called the Carlow home after seven.

8. Can I leave a message? Can I leave a message?

9. Please have her return my call. Please call her back.

10. Could you ask him to call me back? Can you please call me back?

11. Please tell her Carol called. Please tell her that Carlo is looking for her.

12. Let me call back later again. Thank you. I will call again later. thank you.

13. Please tell him to phone 2233-4455. Please call 2233-4455.

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