Outdoor clothing shoes and equipment knowledge

Love travel, especially love travel. Domestic travel page editors have edited many of the country’s classical sites, and many places have also experienced it, and they love to travel more. In 2006, the goal was Tibet.

The purpose of the equipment is not to be better at the top level, but a good and comfortable set of equipment will save you a lot of trouble. Think about it, if the rucksack breaks on the way, the pants open, the shoes are worn, then the mood will be discounted. Enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by the sophisticated equipment, which will give a good mood for an outing.

This year's new Black Yak Jackets are three-dimensional tailored, and only big brands will use this approach. The outer layer is made of GORE-TEX® two layers of fabric, ventilation zipper design, hat removable, and the inner collar is a soft fleece. Stitching adopts seamless gluing and hot-cutting process, without using stitches, not only reduces the weight of the clothing itself, but also increases the windproof and warmth of the clothing itself. The liner of this Jacket can be worn alone so that one piece of clothing can wear three effects for more environments.

outdoor shoes
Many people buy boots on sale. In fact, most people in outdoor shoes do not need hiking boots. The most common outdoor shoe is the hiking-boots. Many people mistakenly call it a hiking shoe. In fact, they should call it a hiking shoe or hiking shoe. Li Le's selection of shoes is TrekSta, professional waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX fabric on the upper fluorescent treatment, can keep your feet dry and increase the safety factor. The insole of this shoe is a double density insole, the sole of the foot and the heel part are handled separately, which can make walking more comfortable. This shoe's midsole (outdoor sole is divided into three layers) is treated according to ergonomics with special materials, which makes the walking more flexible and the shoes not easily deformed. There is also a saying in shoelaces that oval-shaped waterproof shoelaces are not easy to loosen, and there is no “accident” that always stops to tie a shoelace.

Regarding the upper, some people think that the high-top shoes can provide better warmth. In fact, the most important thing for high-top shoes is the protection of feet and ankles.

When the back equipment is on foot, it is best to buckle all three buttons on the upper. After going through some narrow, up-and-down mountain trails, it is best to buckle only the first or second buckle. backpack
Alpine Attack 65 backpack. This backpack strap can be adjusted according to the color of the ruler, and it can be adjusted to four lengths. Professionally speaking, it is called: Torso Fit APS Level 4 patented backpacking adjustment system (up to 7 levels). The back of the backpack is supported by two invisible aluminum strips, which enhances the breathability of the back during travel. The most important thing is to increase the firmness of the backpack, to hold the shape of the backpack, and to minimize the weight of the backpack.

Trial experience: First of all feel cool! The comfort of clothing can only be realized during walking. In the spring, the mountains were windy. Wearing the Black Yak Jackets felt like entering a room. The wind blew on the clothes but could not blow in. Take the heat, remove the liner and feel refreshed. Although wearing these in the Changping Mountains is a bit overkill, I think that the three things I tried can be used for four seasons. There is no problem with Tibet. Consider eating in!

Salted fish turned over successfully
Archives: Yellow Pigeon, don't discount the new donkey. Every week I have to run outskirts every week, sometimes to eat and sometimes to play. What made her most embarrassed was that because they wore flower shirts, casual coats, trousers, and red sneakers, every time they appeared, everyone wanted to cast their inquiries: What's new?

The purpose of the equipment: In order to make himself look professional, he had been to an outdoor shop. Did not expect a thin Jackets to be 2000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, almost collapsed. But outdoor seniors cautioned that outdoor equipment does not need to be changed year after year like fashion, and once invested, it can be used for many years. Equipment is not as expensive as possible, but it must not be cheap and absolutely worth a penny.

Trial product
OZARK's new spring and summer 2006 jacket. This is a versatile professional Jacket for all-weather wear. This dress is also a three-dimensional cut, does not appear bloated, good-looking and comfortable. The outer layer is made of GORE-TEX® two-layer waterproof breathable fabric. The wear parts of the clothing, such as elbows, are thickened and abraded. The velvet cloth is designed to allow the wearer to feel comfortable with the neck and chin.

It is worth mentioning that this Zip-in composite wearing design can use OZARK other warm clothing with this jacket to meet different environmental requirements.

outdoor shoes
HBN outdoor shoes, outer layer GORE-TEX fabric, to increase the breathability to 40%, get rid of a pair of sweaty feet and uncomfortable. Super non-slip sole with excellent grip performance, even when walking on ice, it won't slip
Trial experience: everything is ready, the moment has a new feeling, let me "salted fish turn over." Later, instead of accepting ALICE's inquiry, more may be the envy of others.

Seven pieces of fun outdoor equipment
In order to maintain the “luxury” and “enjoyment” of outdoor tourism life, the following eight alternative equipments are available for reference:

1. Cool Frisbee: Trekking in the jungle, spider webs are common, the turban does not block the line of sight, taking pictures without touching the frame. A small cloth, but also for towels, scarves, hair bands, hats.

2. Flying Saucer: It can be used as fruit tray on long-distance cars, cutting plates, writing pads, dishes, small basins, water containers, and amphibious entertainment products.

3. Large plastic tablecloths: Sunny on the lawn, lazy, rainy days with people even covered with a cover, poncho can not bring.

4. generous cloth: one can be used as a bath towel, Canyon Falls swim, in full view, change pants like this. Secondly, when the shawl is used as a sunscreen and the hotel bed linen is dirty, take it as a bed sheet. Thailand's skirt dress is the most suitable, but also can make skirts.

5. Sealed bag: Every time you go out with 10, wet clothes, buy the mouth, you can load. Unsealed plastic bags often cause accidents.

6. Treble whistle: An effective tool to connect with your peers on the premise that you understand some necessary communication methods, such as asking for help and asking questions. If you only know what to do, don’t mention it.

7. Furnaces, gas tanks, stoves: The short-term day can be without, but the FB line will bring them more fun.

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