Women often wear high-heeled pointed shoes can cause cramps

The reporter learned from the orthopaedics department of the First Hospital of Nanjing yesterday that more and more women are suffering from foot problems due to wearing high heels. Many women often wear high-heeled, pointed shoes, but do not know foot care, leading to aggravated foot condition.

Ms. Wang, a 26-year-old woman who works as a department manager in a company, is a must-have item in the workplace because of her work needs. She is 1 meter tall and 61. She often wears high heels and pointed shoes. Low back pain and other symptoms are really unbearable and come to the hospital for treatment. According to the diagnosis of Director Jiang Chunzhi of the Department of Orthopaedics at the First Hospital, she believed that the symptoms of Miss Wang were related to the time spent wearing high heels. The reason is to maintain a straight posture, Achilles tendon will be long-term tension; high heel causes the calf on the back of the lower leg to move up, and in a tight state, which is very detrimental to the leg's blood circulation, muscle hypoxia easily fatigue acid Trapped and cramped. Experts suggest that informal places should try to wear soft socks and sneakers.

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