Denim except shoe odor

[This site] a large summer sports, sports shoes will be kicking a kick of sweat, odors will be blowing, smoked breathless. Is it necessary to wash your shoes every day? In fact, no need to, super simple shoes deodorant debut it!

First, use old jeans that you can’t wear in your home, lay them out, put your feet on your jeans, and then use your pen to draw a circle along your feet, so that you draw a foot pattern on your denim, and then Cut the cloth down the line and use the same method to cut out the denim insole of the other foot. Now take the double-sided tape, stick the tape on the insole, and then put a good denim insole in the shoe, and press firmly on the paste to keep the insole in our shoes. Ok! Our denim deodorant insole is completed, how easy it is! Even if you wear barefoot sports shoes are not easy to produce odor, and after use, as long as the insole can be gently removed to dry out, do not often wash. Of course, if you can cut out more than a few denim insoles and then make them thicker insoles with a sewing machine, not only the deodorant effect will be better, but also very comfortable to wear it!

Why do you use denim insoles, even if barefoot wear sports shoes will not produce odors? This is due to the fact that there are many small holes in the middle of denim material, which absorbs more sweat than other materials and can control the humidity in the shoes and prevent the increase of bacteria.

It's important to note that if you use a new pair of jeans fabrics, there is a high likelihood of discoloration, so it's best to use worn-out jeans for deodorant insoles.

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