The meaning and optimization of telemarketing speech

James is a telemarketing elite I know. I used to work in a well-known TV shopping call center platform in Shanghai. I was dug into a call center of a Shanghai private office supplies and equipment company as a sales director. The sales channel mainly relies on direct mail + Outbound outbound + Inbound customer service, which is different from the original TV commercial + Inbound order + return visit mode in the TV shopping industry. Although the group's call center hardware equipment is first-class, the performance of personnel is average. There has been no breakthrough. There are several ways that James can think of and have tried, and many of the methods he used in the TV shopping industry have worked and played.

Go ahead and constantly find more suitable telemarketers

Second, constantly planning new promotions and marketing campaigns

Third, continue to increase the number of direct mail issued under the premise of ensuring that enterprise data accuracy reaches 70%.

But it was implemented for three months, but the effect was not good. And it also caused a lot of negative effects.

Back to top: Constantly recruiting, the old employees are guilty, because the number of heads is controlled by the group's human resources. If you come in a new person, it means to eliminate an old man. Who is not worried about their rice bowl? In the TV shopping industry, the front-end TV advertising campaign plays a very important role in developing customers. The impact on staff turnover is not as great as that of direct mail and personnel communication. Therefore, copying the experience of the original industry is not the right way to solve it.

Second: Constantly policy new market activities, the starting point is good, but if the implementation is not effective, no patience, how can you judge whether the activity is effective? This is totally different from TV shopping. One of the great features of TV shopping is to stimulate the customer's front response, and the urgency of using time requires customers to place orders. Therefore, frequent changes in market activities are necessary. In the telephone marketing relying on direct mail and personnel, there is a certain delay in the effectiveness of market activities. Therefore, it should be prepared in advance, and once executed, it cannot be changed. Generally, in such a situation, the sales staff should be forced to work in the front section, and the sales staff should not be able to move and doubt whether the company strategy is correct.

Third: It is easier to increase the circulation of direct mail, and it is also an increase in costs. Under the current economic background of "tightening and shrinking", I am afraid that it will not last long. On the one hand, the cost of purchasing and cleaning data is increased, and on the other hand, the cost of mailing and printing is increased. Moreover, the more direct effect of this is to increase the brand's popularity. It is a relatively long-term operation method, and it is difficult to play a very good role in the short term.

So, after repeatedly hitting the wall, he found me and hoped to find a way to break through in the short term.

According to the situation he and I have reflected, both the hardware of the call center, the DM they planned, and the gift-giving activities designed in this issue are still good. It seems that the main problem is still on the frontline sales staff.

Based on the premise that there is not enough resources to invest, I have provided him with the following suggestions.

1, to ensure the basic on-site telephone workload, can not rely solely on the feelings of the group members and oral reports, but to personally carry out management.

2. The quality of the list is the top priority for improving performance. Not only to clean, but also to test the feedback rate. Priority is given to dialing a database with high feedback.

3, to improve and unify the sales of the words, and improve the relevant assessment and incentives to form a real application

I don’t have to say more about the first two. Here I will focus on the third article that is easily overlooked by everyone.

Needless to say, the importance of speech in telemarketing. If all the company's strategies and products depend on sales personnel to perform, then the phone sales staff's words (or scripts) are more direct product expressions.

Generally speaking, "speech" has three meanings, and the level of understanding of the word in the enterprise will directly lead to the effect of sales.

The meaning of the front layer: "talking book." That is, the endorsement of the expression language used in sales communication. Most of our SME phone sales are at this stage. At this stage, the manager believes that as long as the language can be effectively sold, record it and share it with everyone. This is the "word book."

The second layer of meaning: "speaking". It is a description of the common dialogue process in telephone communication, which is the level we usually understand now. The form of expression is generally a unified sales process into modules, written in each module, better, write application skills next to each sentence to help novices quickly master the skills.

The general telephone sales process includes: 1. Opening remarks; 2. Product description; 3. Objection handling; 4. Stimulating desires; 5. Promoting; etc. The words applied by the James team are currently at this level.

The third layer of meaning: "speech." The technique is also the way. That is why the reason is to say this. I often say to my students that even if you re-cook the company's "speaking", you know it, but you don't know why, and your work is hard. Therefore, James wants to improve the salesman's words, improve sales efficiency, and then stimulate sales belief. Then, you must discuss what you should say and why you should say this.

I gave him the following suggestions.

Step by step: Analyze the value attribute of the product line

Regardless of whether you sell any product over the phone, for each company, analyze the value attribute of the product line, that is, the value contribution that the product will bring to the enterprise. This point needs to be paid more attention to enterprises in the platform shopping category. Such as TV shopping, catalog shopping, e-commerce shopping, etc. Product attributes that measure value generally include the gross profit margin of the product, sales, turnover, payment methods, and so on. In the office supplies industry, although the products are all-encompassing. But in general, it can still be divided into the following product lines. Generally includes:

Paper line: including copy paper and printing paper;

Consumables line: including ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ribbons, etc.;

Office stationery: more types;

Office equipment category: including printers, photocopiers, etc.;

Office furniture category;

Daily life categories: mixed types;

In these categories. Some products are necessities, but they do not bring good returns to the business. For example, paper, every business needs, but the gross profit margin is too low, so it is a business of “moving bricks”. Some products are also necessities at the same time, but also have good returns, such as environmentally friendly supplies. The gross profit margin is high, generally above 20%. At the same time, the monomer price is also good. So it should be the focus of sales.

As soon as James listened to my analysis, she immediately realized that the problem was serious. Whether it is in the direct mail channel or the telephone sales staff channel, they do not have any focus on selling products. They simply list the products they can represent on the DM, and then the sales personnel first send DM to the customer, then mechanically ask “When you look at our catalog, which products do you want to order?” or “Are you interested in participating in our activities?” Pushing promotions for promotion, and forgetting more fundamental product sales, let’s talk more It is more advantageous not to sell which products.

Step 2: Identify the product focus of telemarketing

The products listed in the DM are also very particular, and they must be combined with the medium of sale. If you want to design a catalogue for use in telemarketing. So, no doubt, your product on the phone directory should be a product for the phone channel. Like some furniture that needs to be customized, large machines. Due to the complexity of the requirements, the amount is large. If you need to talk on the front door, it is possible to negotiate success. It is not suitable for display in this channel.

At the same time, it is clear that the products sold by the telephone channel are related to the goals set by the department. James's company has two sales departments, the Large Account Department and the Call Center. The major customer department is the department that makes the monthly settlement. The call center is mainly to do the current department. Then, the products you sell must be more suitable for the current products. For example, papers for SMEs, consumables, and sporadic office supplies with low unit prices.

The third step: clearly guide the customer's product sales ideas, become passive and take the initiative

The value of each product line and the product focus suitable for telemarketing are clarified, so that each sales knows what products to sell have a greater contribution to the company, and then design a incentive system that focuses on high-margin products as a center to match the company and employees. A consensus is reached. James’ team members are clearly morale. Next, it is to design a set of sales ideas, guide customers to buy, change the original passive to the current initiative.

First, establish a “knocking brick”. For example, in the office product line category, paper products are “leaders” and “knockers” that any company needs. And with a large amount of use, coupled with fear of paper price increases, many companies will consider reducing costs in terms of paper. So I told the sales, when he used the open question to ask the customer "what is the need to buy more recently" or "have no interest in the promotion on the catalogue", if the customer does not have any reaction, then directly to the paper problem Start asking. For example, "What brand of copy paper does your company use?" "70G or 80G"? "How much is the price?" As long as you have a certain simple phone skills training, customers will reflect. Then based on customer feedback, recommend better cost-effective paper.

Second, establish follow-up product recommendation categories

If the customer feels that your "knocking the door" is valuable, don't stop. To win the pursuit. Continue to recommend products with their goodwill for your communication, but the products must have a recommended priority. For example, it is easier to recommend consumables after paper. Follow-up equipment and daily necessities can be recommended. Each company can prioritize designs based on the characteristics of their products.

Later, the method of designing transition and series between each type of product

For example, when you recommend paper, if you want to start recommending consumables later, you need to design a transition. For example, you can ask the customer about the amount of paper, and then say, "Your company has a large amount of paper, and the consumption of the consumables should be very large. What brand of consumables are you using now?"

If you want to start recommending the printer after you have recommended the paper. You can make this transition; "If you use such high-grade paper, then your machine performance must be very good. What machine is your company now?"

There are many examples in practical applications, so I won't go into details here.

Under the premise of doing these three steps well, the finishing and adjustment of the speech and the timely revision according to the changes in the market will have a role. James’ team performance was introduced in less than two months after introducing these recommendations. The average number of personnel issued has increased by 30%, and the gross profit penetration rate of the company's key product lines has also expanded from the original 15% to the current 38%.

As the customer's purchase cycle reaches a certain level, the customer will be divided into new customers, secondary development and old customers. In addition, in order to complete the company's performance target of expanding the single purchase amount and repeat purchase rate of the customer. Therefore, in the face of different customers, in different sales targets, sales speech must be different.

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