Highly family paternity loading, the Maldives holiday

McDull's longing, the Maldives, is located in the Indian Ocean paradise, where blue sky and white clouds, coconut trees shadows, water sand ... ... there is no seasons, colorful tropical lazy drifting in the clear sea, as if ethereal flying; the series The theme of the seaside holiday, the color stripes echo the enthusiasm of tropical fish, bright flower shirt, as if jumping with the sweet tropical fruit, wave point cowboy fish like bubbles in the sea ... ... put into your seaside holiday life

      Product Category: mooring tail is a special length rope that introduces elasticity in high modulus (low stretch) mooring and traction to provide safer operation. Its main purpose is to provide elasticity in low tensile wire (high modulus Synthetic Rope or wire rope), thereby reducing peak load and prolonging service life. Very suitable for mooring STS and traction operations. The mooring tail is constructed in accordance with the latest OCIMF regulations and recommendations for safe mooring of tankers, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tankers. It also applies to cruise ships, bulk carriers and container ships. The mooring tail produced by our company has 8- strand nylon mooring tail, polyester/nylon double braided mooring tail, 8-strand polyester/polypropylene mooring tail, variety, specifications complete, but also according to customer requirements processing production.

     our company is China R & D production mooring tail one of the larger manufacturers, looking forward to your cooperation!12-strand Nylon Mooring TailMooring Tail

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