Interpretation of the summer "color" Love ruiou Rui Ou underwear temptation zero distance

Summer struck, a stylish and comfortable underwear allows you to cool up from the inside out. Like skirts and backing, this summer's underwear farewell to the usual leopard and dull colors, the use of color has a more bold breakthrough, a variety of candy-colored underwear on the forefront of fashion, has become the urban fashion family of the best select.

演绎夏日“色”情 ruiou锐欧内衣诱惑零距离

Rui Ou to bring new ideas this summer, the introduction of candy hit color underwear. They are more elegant, sexy still, with the color of fashion lit the hot summer. See Rui Ou Fun Summer "color" love, the trend interpretation to the extreme, so that you and temptation zero distance!

Blue is undoubtedly the most cool summer colors, coupled with the ultimate simplicity of design, the real interpretation of the "Avenue to Jane" style.
Pink underwear little girl feelings, no woman does not like it. So cute without losing the personality design is not touched your heart has always been Chuaizhuo girls feelings?

演绎夏日“色”情 ruiou锐欧内衣诱惑零距离

The use of this Ruiou underwear color is undoubtedly bold: Purple pink with calm yet graceful atmosphere, underwear before and after the cut is to cater to the popular element of this year's clothing - hit color! Underwear hit hit color, hit it but sexy and sexy yet. Vest style is beautiful and practical, whether it is air-conditioned air-conditioned room, or yoga studio, wearing it is a sweet landscape.

演绎夏日“色”情 ruiou锐欧内衣诱惑零距离

Sling is the best dress charming woman. Bright yellow let this summer immediately passionate. The same is hit color, Rui Europe repeated use of different color combinations, expressed the combination of avant-garde and the United States, the temptation and desire of the show, this bright yellow undergarment has made you have immediate impulse?

演绎夏日“色”情 ruiou锐欧内衣诱惑零距离

Did you remember ice cream? In the seemingly casual color collocation contains the designer's intentions: green and light pink stitching at the level of soft, red beam edge to add a bit of enthusiasm, finishing touch of the dynamic - you are eager to lonely, youth in this summer jumped! Put on it, are you candy or stunner?

演绎夏日“色”情 ruiou锐欧内衣诱惑零距离

Rui Ou underwear always be able to find their own characteristics in the popular and classic cracks in this group of fashion lingerie show despite the use of this season are the usual fashion elements: candy color, ice cream color, hit color ... However, after color and style After the reorganization, but gives the eyeball unexpected impact. Fashion is such a mysterious thing, underwear is.

This summer, choose a candy color, underwear announced your unique!

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