The bronze chapter collection market set off a zodiac boom

Recently, the reporter learned from the Tibetan city of Urumqi that, with the advent of the 2012 high-relief zodiac bronze seal, it also drove the Tongzhang collection market to set off an upsurge of "zodiac signs", and prices of many varieties rose.

“The price of the high-relief dragon zodiac bronze medal issued last month has reached 2,200 yuan, which has increased by three or four hundred yuan compared to the issue price.” Yesterday, Li Qiang, the currency trader of the Xinjiang Minjie Collector’s Market, said that this copper With a circulation of 3000 pieces, the first chapter of the second round of high-relief zodiac bronze medals, together with the theme of the Year of the Dragon, was sought after by the Tibetans after its release. Its single price rose to 2500 at the end of last month. Near the yuan, there is a certain correction.

The reporter learned that the first round of the high-relief Chinese zodiac bronze medal is the first year of the Tiger Lunar New Year bronze medal issued by the Shanghai Mint in 1998. At that time, its issuance price was only around RMB 100. With the precipitation for many years, its current market price per piece has approached the RMB 20,000 mark, which is nearly 200 times higher than the original value.

"There is a huge increase in the year of the Tiger Lunar New Year bronze medal. It is no wonder that many Tibetan collectors are rushing to the new round of high-relief dragon zodiac bronze medals." Li Qiang said.

Under the guidance of a new round of high-relief zodiac bronze medals, the "Zodiac" sector of the entire bronze medal market has performed strongly, especially the elliptical zodiac and the cartoon zodiac bronze medal.

Among them, the market price of 3,000 oval tigers has climbed to 4,000 yuan/piece; the circulation of 2000 cartoon tigers has recently climbed to 3,000 yuan/piece; in addition, oval rabbits and elliptical dragons have risen to 1,600 yuan respectively. Nearby and about 1050 yuan.

The reporter saw the transaction records of the numismatic professional trading website in the recent period of time. It was found that the trading volume of the several large copper varietals mentioned above had a tendency of enlargement, and individual varieties even appeared to be reluctant to sell.

The history of Chinese bronze medals began in 1979. At present, there are a total of 1,600 varieties of bronze medals issued, and an average of only 30 varieties are issued in one year. As a scarce collection, the jump into the public view of the bronze chapter has basically started with the release of the 2008 Olympic series of bronze medals.

At that time, a total of 500 medals were issued in the emblem of the Olympic Games. The single issue price was 200 yuan. Due to the significant theme and commemorative significance, its price has soared for a time and it is currently worth nearly 40,000 yuan.

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