Far Infrared Thermostatic Warmth Shoes Project**

Far Infrared Thermostatic Warmth Shoes Project** Project Name: Far Infrared Thermostatic Thermal Shoes Project**

** Type: Business **

Affiliated company: Taizhou Lantian Garment Co., Ltd. Project Phase: Start-up period ** Line: 5 million yuan City: Jiangsu Province, Taizhou City ** Gold: 0 million Yuan Field of Application: Light Industry Textiles Content:

The far-infrared lithium battery heating and temperature control shoes produced by the Blue Sky Garment Company were developed and manufactured by the company's scientific research personnel. This shoe adopts carbon fiber heating film and emits far-infrared rays. Far-infrared rays are most beneficial to the human body in the wavelength range. Not only can it be quickly absorbed by the body and penetrate deep into the human body, causing deep subcutaneous tissue temperature to rise, microvascular expansion, and promotion of blood circulation and metabolism. It can play a role in activating cells and strengthening immunity, which is very beneficial to the human body. The market has great potential. And the shoe passed a patent application in 2012.

Project Benefits:

(I) Market Opportunities As we all know, the footwear industry is a large industry with hundreds of billions of dollars. The traditional competition is very fierce. The sales volume of traditional Chinese cotton shoes is more than 2 billion pairs per year. Among them, domestic sales are between 800-900 million pairs. Taizhou Blue Sky Garment Co., Ltd. produced "far infrared lithium battery heating temperature control shoes" is aimed at heat shoes to replace the traditional winter shoes this market opportunity, after several years of research and development experiments, the ultimate solution to the heat in the sport without damage to the big problem , is now officially put into the market, 1.3 billion people, hundreds of billions of market space.

1. Emerging industries: blue ocean market, large profit margins;

2. There is no competition: no brand pattern has yet been formed;

3, promotion is easy: product features significant, customer experience marketing more easily promoted.

Filtered advertisements (2) Target market 1, Gift market: (Older people) China has entered an ageing population in advance, and the elderly have weaker physical constitutions, and they have a strong dependence on heating equipment in the winter, and there is a large market for children to make gifts.

2. Outdoor operations: (professional people) Oil field mining, military traffic police, railway and highway workers, long working hours, long working hours, urgent need for outdoor cold-warming and heating equipment, corporate welfare group purchase profit.

3. Cycling people: Travelling people in bicycles, electric vehicles, and motorcycles have difficulties in driving in winter. The frostbite rate in hands and feet is extremely high. They need outdoor cold-proof charging and warm-keeping equipment. The quantity of wholesale and retail is large.

4. Teacher-student group: The school has very few heating conditions, and it cannot be heated during class. The teachers and students in winter have a worrying learning environment and the market potential of the school is great.

(3) The micro-intelligent chip with excellent product features to achieve the perfect combination of intelligent bionic technology and traditional Chinese medicine foot health care function;

Independent design and production process to ensure the high quality of product quality;

Continuous innovation and R&D strength ensure the product's forward-lookingness.

(4) The sales force that secures the victories is sold exclusively, the business is instructed, and the interests are exclusive;

Unified promotion, protection of rights and interests, barrier-free return policy;

Mature terminal construction and operation mode support;

Major newspapers, TVs, websites, and other mainstream media throughout the country place heavy advertisements;

Outdoor advertising distribution, public relations activities made a strong, vigorous tree brand.

Through the above analysis, it is suggested that the competent authorities should increase support for financial resources so that the project can be implemented as soon as possible. The project construction unit must not only strictly follow the relevant national policies, regulations, and industry standards for production, but also pay attention to cost savings to improve investment efficiency, reduce costs, promote the development of the local economy, and achieve both economic and social benefits.

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