[HURST Women's] “Mindliness and Mindlines” Aesthetic Sense of VIP Tasting Cocktail Party Respond to Xie Second Station (Shenzhen Huaqiang Maoye Store)

The first stop of the HURST VIP tasting reception (Shenzhen Nanshan Maoye shop) ended on May 31st, following the 14th China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair held in Shenzhen on July 10-12. During the visit, HURST invited VIP and distinguished guests in the apparel industry to visit and inspect HURST and Shenzhen stores.

Some temptations will make you ecstatic, some choices will make you dazzled, but from your heart's most sincere choice, it must be your inner love, but also your yearning. Goethe said that "people's happiness lies in the happiness of the heart." Learn to enjoy life and experience the beauty of life. In an ordinary day, HURST sincerely created a legend for VIP worthy of eternal memory.

2014 autumn new products come on the market.

The VIP tasting reception theme: The aesthetic state of mind of “Heart language • Minhang”

VIP Tasting Reception Time: July 10, 2014 -13 days

VIP Tasting Party Location: HURST counter , Huaqiang Maoye Department Store, Shenzhen (Huaqiang Maoye)

In the afternoon of July 11 14: 00-17: 00, HURST will bring the latest autumn and winter 2014 fashion show series, so stay tuned!

Thank you for your continuous support and love for HURST ! Welcome to visit us and join us to experience HURST 's "Mindfulness • Mindfulness" aesthetic mood!

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