The choice of bedding fabrics have a coup

Choose what kind of fabric determines whether the key bedding comfortable. Here to tell you about a family of four bedding fabric should choose what kind of it!

Let's see if they recognized cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics advantage is that water, sweat and skin paste, and on human skin without any irritation nature, cotton fabrics naturally occupied a dominant position in the bedding .

The most high-grade fabrics will belong to the silk fabrics, silk fabrics with look gorgeous, rich, natural soft light and flicker effect, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and moisture better than cotton, and other features, but easy to dirty, for strong sunlight poor heat resistance than cotton.

Cotton fabrics Natural linen fabric has excellent characteristics, unmatched by other fibers. Scientists measured about EEG, linen than cotton sheets make it easier to sleep, and deep sleep peacefully.

A high-end combed cotton brushed fabric, this fabric is treated in the process, make the sanding process, so that the fabric surface to produce a certain velvety, improve fabrics feel.

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