Environmentally-friendly bamboo fiber clothing has great potential

Recently, Mr. Lai Zhanzhao, Senior Consultant of National Textile Product Development Center, who has been engaged in textile design and fashion research for a long time, believes that environmental protection fiber will become the mainstream when the environmental awareness is on the rise. Due to the trend of environmental protection of bamboo fiber, its product category Further expansion. Autumn and winter, bamboo fiber will be widely used in scarves, neckties and outdoor sportswear and other end products. As a product with China's independent intellectual property rights, the bamboo fiber of Hebei Ji'gui Chemical Fiber Company has become a new bright spot in the textile market both at home and abroad today and has drawn the attention of the world's textile industry. Now occupy more than 90% of the domestic bamboo fiber market share, a well-known new fiber brand, the fabric is being more and more domestic and foreign consumers of all ages. At present, the copper cow, Hongdu, Dream Fox, wishful, Huafang, Jiangsu, three shots, song Di, Jiapeng, Sheng Yu, butanfen, Beileisha, Bailey cool, Rhea Tech, Liya and other well-known clothing, textile, fabric manufacturers are producing bamboo fiber products. For example: Shanghai Institute of Textile Science and Taicang City, Second Cotton Industries Co., Ltd. jointly developed a series of bamboo fiber textiles, denim, shirts, bedding, etc .; Wujiang City, eight are built Feng Sizhuan spinning bamboo fabric; Shanghai Mao Shang Textiles and Garments Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jinshan Zhenfeng Wool Textile Factory developed a bamboo fiber shirt fabric, Mao Di bamboo fiber and bamboo fiber knitting yarn. At the same time, enterprises such as Tongniu, Belem, Songdi and Jiapeng Textile successfully overcome the problem of humidity and shrinkage of bamboo fiber. In addition, bamboo developed by Hunan Rhea Hi-tech fiber blended fabrics, bamboo fiber fabric in the soft, smooth, comfortable drape at the same time more crisp. It is understood that a leisure suit with bamboo fiber material added, the current market price in Japan reached 590,000 yen, a jacket for 690,000 yen. In China, a bamboo fiber shirt or skirt, the price is generally a few hundred dollars. High value-added bamboo fiber textile products, manufacturers have become the driving force behind the development. A variety of bamboo fiber properties, but also makes bamboo fiber products favored by the vast number of consumers, is expected to become another popular trend.

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