The current Shanghai International Fashion Underwear Fair will launch the "Tribal Wei Qi" theme activities

This concept includes three major themes, completely subvert the traditional boundaries:

- "Allure expensive," the temptation, "genuine goods underwear " shape of the charm, with colorful silk, satin, jacquard and lace embellishment, people can not help but think of the 1930s old Shanghai style .. and young dynamic color and Sexy inner dynamics opened its mystery.

- "Nature Guard" mood or natural comfort to express its outstanding temperament: beautiful materials and fabrics with exquisite combination of satin and knit, mohair and fine complex knitting, cotton and embroidery .. Bold Design, ignited the new passion of underwear clothing.

- "Extravaganza", unbelievable art concept, metal effect, feather decoration and fur trim, generous lace and other decorations .. The ultimate pleasure of the bold attempt, the ultimate combination of the perfect experience.

Brand highlights:


The main products: fashion stockings, high-level underwear and stockings, high-level natural lingerie

Under the brand: CERVIN

Product Positioning: Luxury

Sales channels: stores, websites

Sales outlets: Europe, 1,200

Sales Network: all over the world more than 30 countries

Company Profile: The famous French CERVIN is a senior stockings factory founded in 1920 by GERMAIN MASSAL. At that time they produced the most luxurious silk products is the supply of royal family members and some prominent social celebrities. They still maintain the production of these silk products and now CERVIN owns the only two top flat flat hosiery machines in Europe, each with a length of 60 feet and weighing up to 12 tons. It must also be operated at a constant temperature (84 degrees Fahrenheit) It can work fine, it has 16000 needles, can weave any patterns and patterns, due to the high quality requirements of CERVIN, they have nearly 40% of the products were abandoned, this unique technology also gives it The unique style of stockings - with a visible suture from the tip of the foot to the top of the back of the thigh and some with an adaptable small round of hand-piping - naturally becomes a special feature of rare and expensive stockings Logo, this line can also visually increase the sense of slender legs. Each style has up to eight sizes to choose from, we can imagine the fine and precious products of its extreme! CERVIN also owns today's most advanced drum-type 3D hosiery machine as well as the new pure nylon super-transparent stockings. Create elegant and elegant leg curves for women, showing thousands of style.

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