Verde Veronica is the most unique interpretation of the softness of women

Intima Mode Spa

The main products: senior ladies underwear, men's underwear senior, pajamas, swimwear

Under the brand: Verde Veronica, verdissima

Product Positioning: Luxury

Price: RMB tens of thousands of yuan to a few hundred dollars

Sales channels: stores

Sales outlets: more than 3,000 retail outlets

Sales Network: There are 250 distributors worldwide in 44 countries around the world

Company profile: Intima Moda was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Modena (Modena, Italy). Its Verde Veronica and Verdissima-based brands are among the highest-end underwear brands in Italy. Today, the company's line of brands is distributed both in Italy and globally by the most authoritative and renowned customers, including its unique tailor-made collection. The company has high-end and high-end two categories of price products, products include women's underwear, sleepwear, home wear, swimwear, beachwear and accessories. Product style can be broadly classified into three categories, namely the Italian wild (such as the well-worked full Leopard underwear series), Mediterranean-style elegance (such as black velvet low-cut drag skirt) and the sun girl fresh and sweet Small floral design). Verde Veronica in Italy has a professional body shape research team dedicated to the development version of type, in full compliance with the needs of Asian women, superb skills will be perfect chest shape. Easy to wear without pressure, drag and cover just right. In 2006, the company set up a representative office in China, committed to long-term development of the Chinese market.

Luxury design and excellent workmanship is Verde Veronica interpretation of the most unique feminine.

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