Why is 100% polyester fabric so popular?

Polyester fabric with high strength and elastic recovery ability, therefore, its fast and durable, anti-wrinkle wash and wear.
Polyester fabric poor hygroscopicity, dressed in a sultry summer, winter easy with electrostatic, affect the comfort at the same time.But after washing to dry and wet strength little drops, not deformation, good wash and wear performance.

Polyester fabric is used in the daily life is very much a kind of chemical fiber fabrics.Its biggest advantage is wrinkle resistance and conformal sex good, therefore, suitable for coat clothing, all kinds of bags and tents and other outdoor supplies.

Polyester fabric of various chemical resistance is good.Acid, alkali on the extent of damage is not large, not afraid of the mold at the same time, not afraid to eat by moth.

Polyester is the best material, the heat resistance in synthetic fiber fabric with thermoplastic, can make pleated skirts, pleated lasting.
Polyester fabric has good light fastness, in addition to the worse than acrylic, its fast ability is better than natural fiber fabrics.Especially the ability of fast behind the glass is very good, is almost equal with acrylic.

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