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Even if Western brands continue to surge, the classic domestic brand of Warrior has accompanied many Chinese people through their young age. Especially when they were born in the 80s and 90s, they have a special feeling for the brand. Under the prevailing environment of mainstream culture in Europe and the United States, people can inspire people to return to their own culture. Reasons for a “regeneration: come again” starting point, hope to inject new creative ideas into the old domestic brands, bring them more fresh elements, so that products on the basis of retaining the original style, following the changes of the times development of. Let people in the new era understand them again. Today, the emergence of Omais has brought a new orientation to this brand. Not only has it been improved in quality, it has also been integrated into the pace of the times under the influence of the fashion environment, which has enriched the elements of the trend and new life.

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