Marketing is not a show

In the modern marketing management system, marketing is an indispensable part. Therefore, when large and small enterprises launch a new product, they will invest a lot of energy and funds in marketing.

However, from the analysis of many companies' product marketing examples, it is not difficult to find that a considerable part of the market promotion has been interpreted as a show. The scale of the enterprise is general, and it is necessary to go to CCTV or other mainstream media. The show is Philip; big brands, big companies invest heavily, indiscriminate bombing, show is the strength; deliberately pretend to be a ghost, put forward some strange slogans or selling points, and Daxu advocates that the show is the savvy of the leader or planner; the appeal is long-lasting, the source is long, the show is culture; let the star do the endorsement, change the law to let the star talk about the consumer experience, then the show is the star, and the product is basically no Too many relationships; show talents, equipment, appealing to technical standards and core competencies, and show quality.

Marketing is not just about advertising. It is the truth that everyone knows. It is precisely because of this that it is a misunderstanding to simplify marketing to advertising itself. There used to be a company that made carrot drinks. At the beginning of the product launch, it invested heavily in CCTV, and it cost more than 100 million yuan in three months. At that time, the enterprise managers believed that as long as the advertisements were launched, there would be a large number of customers flocking, and as long as there were customer orders, the sales volume would naturally come naturally. As everyone knows, CCTV has already achieved 100% coverage in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and the products of this company are only sold in Xinjiang. Although the advertisement has fallen to the ground, the product has not been able to keep up, and the after-sales service and consumption drive are of course less talkable. The result of this simple advertising promotion, it goes without saying that it can only be a game of a dream, in the past it will disappear, and increase the laughter.

To do a product marketing, we need to start from four aspects, that is, aim at the target, look at the trend, accurately locate, and identify the carrier. First of all, the marketing plan should be complete and have strong enforceability; secondly, there must be sufficient funds to prevent the actual promotion process from being overwhelmed, and the market needs a reasonable implementation plan to deal with the actual situation. Unpredictable conditions during operation.

The so-called aiming target is to clarify the sales target of the product by numbers, both the demand for sales and the assessment of sales. In addition, the aim of targeting also includes the timing and geographical scope of marketing promotion. Because there are many competitors in the peak season, it is required to promote the promotion of funds, activities, personnel, and not to sing. In the off-season promotion, because the competitive environment is relatively loose, it needs to be durable, deep, subtle, and silent. In areas where the economy is developed and the consumption power is strong, the quality, performance, and brand of the products are emphasized, and loyalty is promoted. In areas where the economy is underdeveloped and the consumption power is low, the interests are emphasized, and face-to-face communication is directly conducted with consumers. Attracting consumers with benefits.

To look at the trend, we must keep up with the pace of the times, grasp the trend of consumption, and pay more attention to borrowing power. For example, the annual sports events, the exhibitions with strong influence, the forms of economic development closely related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, etc., can be used and borrowed from the sea.

Precise positioning refers to the requirements of the product itself. The market positioning is accurate, the fast-moving consumer goods are oriented to the public, the low-end consumer goods are geared to the working class, and the high-end products are aimed at urban residents or white-collar workers. You can't expect to satisfy all consumers with one product, and you can't expect all consumers to choose the same product. The design of the price system should be reasonable, adhere to the company's own interests, and take into account the interests of agents, distributors, distributors and other channel members, as well as buyers, consumers, and even potential consumers, to be reasonable, pragmatic and fair.

The search carrier includes the precise selection of the location, time period, and ratings of the advertising carrier, as well as the planning, design, participant analysis, and target group determination of the marketing campaign. Each product must have a corresponding market attribute, its market attributes determine the product's sales location, consumer group, price range, etc. For these three points, we can identify a series of promotional elements of our products, and according to This choice of a reasonable promotion carrier, so that the value of the input is greater.

Market promotion has become a show, and it is a kind of mentality to say through. In the fierce market competition, misunderstandings and traps abound, only to see clearly, can hide. What is truly sad is that people who know that there are traps, but who do not hesitate to jump inside.

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