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" JUMEL (Ruima)" is the odd-Fashion Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, steady growth of its high-end women's brand . The "JUMEL" design team, chaired by the senior French designer, pursues the combination of creativity and classics, design and practicality, values ​​quality, and products without losing their youth, insists on creating a kind of introverted and elegant style. JUMEL believes consistent perseverance can achieve their eternal and elegant dreams in the lives of modern urban women.

芮玛 - JUMEL

Behind the JUMEL brand, Odd Fashion also insists on a low-key but simple dream. This stable and efficient team of professionals nurtures the healthy growth of the JUMEL brand with the same qualities and trusts that "consistent, every detail in the right direction, the result will naturally be good." With a calm and calm mind, life is fair and the dream is not far away. For eight years, the JUMEL brand has never been arrogantly geeky and not superficial. Every step of the way is steadfast toward dreams. This is not just the design philosophy of JUMEL (Ruma), but also the true character of the odd team.

深圳中高端女装品牌 深圳JUMEL女装

Stable, professional and efficient team is Odd Fashion and the cornerstone of the "JUMEL" brand sustainable development. In today's increasingly impetuous commercial community, we hope to create a respected company through efficient work so that every employee in the company will become a respected person in society and industry.

Oddities also believe that simplicity, sincerity, and responsibility are also powers for this Society - the power to make dreams come true!

7D Meiwa PVC embossed with printing tablecloth

Thickness for pvc: 0.20~0.23mm

Size: 137cm, 140cm

Packing: 1.  20m/roll, 30m/roll

              2.  wrapped with supper clear film outside directly;

Use :Home, Hotel, Wedding, Party,outdoor,restaurants,teahouse,cafe,etc


1. Waterproof, oilproof, heat resistant, wear resistant, non toxic, durable, easy to clean and care
2. Hang down naturally, will not wrinkle
3. Vivid Steric patterns, lifelike, fashionable
4. Hundreds of attractive designs for your choice.

5.Built an elegant or active atmosphere for you.

6.Beauty in appearance and cheap in price.Our best service relied on our reliable quality.

7D Meiwa Tablecloth

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