Man Lu card women signed a number of successful new shop mad lift Europe and South Korea fashion style

The sky is clear, the autumn color is pleasant, the creeping card fashionable dress Europe and South Korea wind raids nationwide! In a short period of one month, Manlilka women's successful signing of a number of new stores in Guangzhou Zengcheng, Guangdong Chaoshan, Guizhou Xingyi, Guangxi Fulin, Dongguan Wanjiang, Man Luka women's upcoming set off a new Europe and South Korea Fashion trend of fashion, for the women in the area to provide a new fashion choice!


Hanlian International apparel brand "Marloca" (advocate card (Marloca advocating free, beautiful, healthy and sophisticated new life, the terminal market will be located in the 20-40-year-old new women, embodies the beauty of the fashion beauty with the times, Advocate modern women to pursue romantic, independent, positive and healthy lifestyle.

蔓露卡女装成功签约多家新店 狂掀欧韩时尚风

Man Lu card women signed a number of new stores, not only marks the Man card women have entered a new level, but also Man card women seize the national women's market has laid a solid foundation! In the future, HANTIAN INTERNATIONAL FASHION CO., LTD. Will be based on the Chinese market on the international stage, step by step interpretation of the pursuit of fashion women, Hankou International Garments is willing to cooperate sincerely with you and create a better future. Fashion interpretation here, beautiful from here ...

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