Sweet pink piercing lady wind

This autumn and winter to change a different style, get rid of the cold gray coffee before the color. You MM, let us hold together with the lady's favorite light pink propped up the whole sky. In deciduous season, pale pink can be fresh and warm.


Pink is a girl's favorite romantic sweet. This less Shu Shuang fresh element net, comfortable and beautiful, with a charming taste. A touch of pink, there will be no sense of Zhuangnen, but wearing an elegant intellectual temperament, gentle and fresh. Choose white lace shirt, wearing pants and heels, wearing a lady's feeling, especially bright and beautiful.

甜美的浅粉色  穿出淑女风

Followed by a short paragraph light pink casual jacket, its characteristics concentrated in the sleeve office. Wrinkled layer design elongated, beautify the arm lines. Long lace inside to catch a long T-shirt, pink and white, sweet pink color sets off the skin particularly beautiful.

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