How to repair cracks in the car glass cracks

The car windshield is a double-layer glued glass. When the impact is caused by external force, if the force is not enough to break it and only cracks, the middle glue layer will be separated by the air entering and atmospheric pressure. If you continue driving The crack area will become larger and larger, affecting the line of sight and driving safety. At this time, it is an ideal solution if you want to do auto glass repair.

The repair of the car windshield is mainly to fill the liquid gel in the crack and eliminate the gap. The material used to fill the glass is a highly transparent liquid colloid that can be rapidly solidified by UV heating and has a strength of more than 90% of the original glass. The construction process is not very complicated. The main tool is a vacuum syringe with a needle-like structure. The function is to remove the air from the glass wound and fill it with a glass repair agent. After repeated pumping and pressing, at least 90% of the repaired space is filled with filling liquid. At this time, the UV lamp is used to illuminate the upper and lower sides for two minutes to allow the repair solution to solidify. After the machine is removed, there will be a small gap at the center of the wound. At this time, a higher concentration of the repairing agent is added, and the glass piece is covered. After the ultraviolet light is also irradiated and dried, the surface is flattened with a blade. Polish the light and polish it with a cloth.

Usually a round wound, after repairing, will only leave a small round mark or a spider-like crack; the long crack will only leave a faint line, and only in a reflective From the angle, we can see the traces of repairing. Generally, we still see a good glass with a seamless texture. Moreover, the strength of the repairing portion can ensure that the strength of the hardened colloidal glass can reach more than 90% of the original glass.

Repair can be done without any damage. Once the windshield of the car has been broken or broken, it is irreparable. And if the crack is too large, the repair cost may be comparable to the replacement of the new glass, not to mention the scar. Therefore, the repair of automotive glass is better to use in the case of small damage, in order to save time and money.

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