Pick ruby ​​and see 4C

How to choose a quality ruby? Ruby grading standards are mainly based on 1T and 4C: Transparency, (Colour), Clarity, (Cut), Cut Carat (Carat).


According to reports, transparency refers to the process by which gems allow visible light to pass through. In addition, the most important factor determining the value of ruby ​​is color. The red of the top quality ruby ​​you can imagine, the color is very pure, the saturation is good, without any secondary shades of brown or blue. The color strength of high quality rubies is like burning coke. In addition to color, other factors that affect the value of ruby ​​are clarity, cut and size. Very transparent, tiny, ruby ​​rubies are more valuable than rubies that are visible to the naked eye. Large rubies are more rare, and the price per carat is higher than the ruby ​​of the same quality.

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