What are the purification methods of tiger eye stone?

The purification method is very important for some tiger eyes, just like how the resin of our resin is turned on. Tiger eye stone is a kind of gemstone with cat's eye effect. I believe that friends who love gems and study cat's eye effect must have some understanding of their characteristics, but I don't know how much friends know about the purification method of tiger eye stone. Today Xiaobian led friends to understand the purification method of tiger eye stone.

Tiger eye

Let us first understand the simpler methods of purifying tiger eye stones.

First: Put the newly bought tiger eye stone or tiger eye stone jewelry in the afternoon sun for 2 hours to be OK, but don't forget the time! The sun will be put away before the sun sets. I have to count my time.

Second: yourself with a small cup of concentrated salt water, filter it, do not have impurities, put the tiger's eye stone into the bubble for 3 / 4 hours, wash with clean water, dry and OK. Note: It is dry and dry.

Third: directly put it in pure water for 24 hours, brand-name pure water can be.

According to its color, tiger eye stone can be divided into four types: yellow tiger eye stone, blue tiger eye stone, red tiger eye stone and multicolor tiger eye stone. The yellow tiger eye stone is the most common one in tiger eye stone. Therefore, the following Xiaobian will introduce the purification method of Huanghuang eye stone for friends.

1: Remove the tiger eye that needs to be purified

2: 10 grams of defensive salt for each bracelet or pendant

3: If you use a special purification bowl, you don't need to calculate the amount of water. If you use a glass bowl or a porcelain bowl at home, you need to add 500 grams of water per bracelet. The water does not have to be mineral water or pure water, and ordinary tap water can be used. This is because the purification ability of the defensive salt is much higher than that of the crystal cavity, so there is no strict requirement for the degaussing consumables.

4: If you need to pray, such as seeking for wealth, seeking marriage happiness, etc., after completing the previous step, take out the "Yu Shou Xuan" is also called Yu Shou Paper, and the defensive declaration of the side of the seal to write your own lunar calendar birthday, wishes. Put the paper in the container. The paper can be folded. If you don't need to pray, just follow step 5 and you can do it.

5: Put the handle chain in the prepared bowl. If there is a wishing paper in the container, put the handle chain on the paper and pour in the water. If there is a filter tool, it is best to put the defensive salt in the filter tool, then put the filter tool into the water. The filter tool is used to prevent the dust and dust particles from scratching the tiger crystal.

6: Wait for 24 hours to degauss. Waiting time can be more than 24 hours, but not as short as 24 hours.

7: Pour off the used brine during purification, take out the defensive paper and dry it, then incinerate it.

The last small series reminds: Huanghu eye stone degaussing can be carried continuously for 1 to 3 months. Frequent degaussing is harmless. The defensive salt is not sea salt, coarse salt, or large salt. It is only extracted from the sea. Therefore, it has no corrosive effect on natural yellow tiger eye stone.

Through the above-mentioned introduction of the purification method of tiger eye stone and yellow tiger eye stone, I believe that friends must understand and understand this after watching it. I hope that Xiaobian can help you well. If a friend wants to know more about tigers. The information on the eyestone can be accessed in the China Jewelry Merchants Network for detailed inspection!

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