Yang Mi's design has turned into a fashion hot spot ice-cold down jacket online conference triggered blitz

Selling cute, intellectual, and elegant editions, the three cartoons of Yang Mi wearing a fashionable down jacket have been circulated on the Internet in recent days, attracting users to follow the comic book design classics.

This grand event is an interactive activity launched by the “Bing Jie New Products Listing Network Conference” to launch “Power Down Apparel”. The Yang Mi design section is the key style of Bingjie every year. Yang Mi, a brand spokesperson, also serves as a fashion consultant for Bingjie. Every year, he tries his best to personally participate in the design of fashion down jackets. The “Power Generation” has become a hot-selling style every year, creating a successful example of spokespersons launching exclusive styles.

This year, Yang Mi has launched three "power models", with sweet, simple, fresh and light models, full of romantic style, immediately attracted fans. At the press conference, at the same time, the Yang Mi section's creative story award was announced. The "power story" of consumer creativity reflected the young people's high recognition of the brand.

The Bingjie brand broke the conventional rules and changed the traditional model of the “offline” press conference in previous years. For the first time, the press conference was moved to “online” and the borderless online world was used to instantly spread new information on the market.

The online conference was held in a dedicated studio. The main platform was Weibo and Wechat. The conference was accompanied by simultaneous video and graphic communication. The consumers watched the content of the conference synchronously and asked questions in real time. Messages, interaction.

This conference unveiled the curtain for Bingjie 2013/2014 autumn and winter fashion new products. The new down jacket has played the “Fashion I'm the coolest” slogan of the year, with dazzling colors, dazzling fabrics, and dazzling styles. The four series represent the cutting-edge fashion style of down jackets: the Qingwu Feiyang series features the light and thin models, and the autumn and early winter seasons are the same. Funland series, the main candy color, bright and light, simple and cheerful; Mirage Metropolis series, pay attention to the modern fashion modeling elegance, exquisite; Twilight forest series, for the distinct style of personalized leisure models, pay attention to practicality, flexibility.

At the press conference, the "Top 10 Hot Purchasing Network of Bingjie" was announced according to the degree of attention of the consumers on the Internet, which brought the brand closer to consumers. At the same time, the “Best Consumer Review Award” was issued to enhance consumers’ right to speak and let Bing Jie become a consumer fashion brand.

As the brand of Bosideng, the leading company in down apparel, adhering to the “Beauty, Fashion, Trend, Vibrance” style of ice and clean, the future will be down jacket as the core category of fashion women's brand as a new vision, and strive to interpret the “confidence happy girls” to This is a new generation of girls who meet the trend of 18-35 years old, who love fashion and enjoy a happy life.

Wang Daocheng, the general manager of Bingjie Company, introduced the conference, saying that Bing Jie should not only provide consumers with high quality down jackets, but more importantly, bring more confidence and happy fashion experience to everyone. From products, communications, activities, and other aspects, strengthen communication with young consumers, so that the brand stays in the heart.

To this end, Bingjie's once-a-year "Fashion Fan Club" also announced a national tour departure at the press conference. In the "China Good Voice," "Flowers blossoming", "Chinese Dream of the Voice" and other well-known programs in the rain Gui Yu?? 鳌 (9) 粜: 簟 簟 (18) 戽 Hang election (7) 斩 $?? The law, the herpes, the herpes, the hernia, the crows, the crickets, the crickets, and the overseas search. More than 0 cities, close interaction with ice and clean consumers.

Borderless internet communications, the most fashionable fashion products, popular star designs, and the mammoth “Fashion Fan Club”... These series of actions all reflect the strong desire of Bing Jie for the brand's full speed advancement. It has laid a solid foundation for a down-to-earth women's wear brand featuring down jackets.

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