Yanhua's high flow copolymerization PP production technology passed the identification

Yanhua's high flow copolymerization PP production technology passed the identification

The “9th Five-Year Plan” key scientific and technological research topics undertaken by the Polypropylene Division of Yanhua Polypropylene Co., Ltd. “The industrial production technology of medium- and high-flow copolymerization PP for automobiles passed the national technology appraisal recently. From the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Tsinghua University and chemical industry Senior experts from the Institute and other authoritative organizations fully affirmed the PP automotive special materials produced by the Polypropylene Division. They believe that the performance indicators of the special materials have met the technical requirements of the national research contract and have advanced domestic and international advanced products of the same type. Level, to meet the requirements of domestic users, in line with the development direction of automotive copolymer PP resin, can completely replace imported products.
The Yanhua Polypropylene Business Division began to take on the subject of the National Ninth Five-Year Plan "Development and Industrial Production of Medium- and High-Flow Copolymerized PP for Automobiles" in order to replace imported products with domestic vehicle PP special materials. In the past few years, Yanhua Polypropylene Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Resins Co., Ltd. and successfully developed the production process technology for medium- and high-flow copolymerization of PP for vehicles with 40,000 tons of PP production equipment. Granules and operational difficulties formed a complete production process technology and successfully produced three grades of PP1340, PP1540 and PP1740 polypropylene copolymers for automobiles, with stable product quality and performance. Mainly used in automotive battery casing, some automotive interior parts, car bumpers, instrument panels and door liners. After the product was put on the market, it won the praise of the car manufacturers, and it has replaced the imported products for the preparation of auto parts, creating great economic benefits for the company.

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