Textile machinery products become the mainstream of low-power automation modular favored

June 12-16, 2012 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITMA Asia Exhibition was held successfully in Shanghai New International Expo Center. A total of 1,283 textile machinery manufacturing enterprises or related enterprises from 28 countries and regions participated in this exhibition. Almost all the famous textile machinery enterprises in the world gathered here to showcase their most dazzling technologies, techniques and equipment. Although there are a lot of technical personnel and experts who visited the show are not satisfied with the scale and proportion of the exhibition debut of new products, the overall products exhibited reflect the trends of energy saving, automation, environmental protection and so on. Low energy consumption has become the mainstream Regardless of overseas or domestic textile machine manufacturers, low energy consumption are the current mainstream of textile machinery products to technology. At this exhibition, Rieter, Oerlikon, Tsudakoma, Savio and other well-known textile machinery companies have brought ITMA 2011 on display the latest models. Rieter carried 4 spinning technologies this time to bring improved models such as the J20 air-jet spinning machine to China and Asia. Savio's new generation of Sirius double twister is the first product at the China Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA exhibition. The product can effectively reduce labor and energy consumption. This new model offers a larger feed range for different types and numbers of yarns, as the equipment incorporates electronic solutions that reduce operator intervention and reduce maintenance requirements. Oerlikon Saurer launched the new Volkmann CT Fok Man Kang sent twister will focus on the innovation of energy saving, the machine has eco-drive energy-saving transmission technology and energy-saving spindles, even if the processing of high count yarn can achieve energy saving The purpose of consumption, energy-saving up to 40%. The ZAX9100-Terry-280-8C-J towel loom exhibited by Tsudakoma Kogyo Co., Ltd. has the PSC programmable speed control function, which reduces the speed of the weaving of the fringe part and greatly improves the production efficiency. The machine is equipped with a weft Of the low-pressure weft insertion, and through the main nozzle with double-valve control technology and the optimal design of the trachea to achieve the goal of reducing gas consumption by 10%. Hengdian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. developed polyester staple fiber complete sets of equipment from the initial Nissan 15 tons, 25 tons, 50 tons of production lines to Nissan 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons, the single-line production capacity gradually increased so that the user plant equipment Reduce investment, while saving energy, greatly reducing the user's operating costs. Automated modular favored Modular design of the equipment not only to facilitate the provision of products to customers a variety of configurations, save the cost of production enterprises, but also flexible to meet the user's small batch, variety of weaving requirements, can greatly enhance the business to adapt to the market quickly reflect , Personalized production needs. In the current labor costs rising situation, the continuous improvement of the degree of automation equipment, you can save business costs at the same time, increase production. Lin Ziyu, a professor at Wuhan Textile University, told reporters after visiting the exhibition hall that it can be seen from the exhibition that both the overseas exhibits and the domestic exhibits have made remarkable progress and improvement in automation. China Hengtian Group is the largest textile machinery exhibiting company at the show with the latest scientific research achievements covering the four major business segments of cotton textile machinery, chemical fiber machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, non-woven fabric machinery, etc. These equipments fully embody High degree of automation, the whole process, high energy efficiency, green and other technical highlights. The new spinning system with high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption, which was launched by JWTM, has achieved the three-step roving, spinning and winding processes and brought new spinning to visitors idea. The machine has a complete computer control system for each detail in the spinning process for real-time monitoring and remote control, to achieve the production of continuous and automated, to solve the labor shortage of textile enterprises problems. Wang Tiankai, president of China National Textile and Apparel Council, praised Hangtian Group for its joint spinning system. He said that the system can increase output and save labor. If the system is widely used domestically, it will make a great contribution to China's textile industry Outstanding Contribution. Wuxi Hongyuan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. grandly launched the HY-AUTO498 type cotton roving frame roving frame machine which combines the design concepts of high speed, high degree of automation, simple structure and good spinning quality. The plane covers an area of ​​40% smaller than similar domestic products. On the morning of June 13, Dorset Global Machinery (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. held a news conference in the exhibition hall. Zhao Chuanfu, the general manager of the company, announced that Dorset Global will enter the intelligent era in an all-round way. Caterpillar International Group brought two series of exhibits to the show. Among them, CMT1801 fully automatic doffing roving machine doffing stopped in less than 2 minutes with a length of 156 spindles. It is the longest fully automatic roving machine in China; Diameter increased to 32 mm, increase speed of 15%; the world's first host of five-axis transmission linkage, truly human-computer dialogue. F001 automatic thickness system with its personalized modular design for each spinning mill tailored to meet the needs of many varieties of small quantities of the market, subverting the traditional management of the spinning mill, the spinning mill logistics and information Flow more fluid to adapt to the continuous, digital production requirements. In order to tie in with exhibitors to fully demonstrate the high level of automation equipment, the exhibition allows the overall display of long equipment, spinning machines and other equipment lengthened in the exhibition hall neatly arranged, large-scale, magnificent, as the show a beautiful Landscape. Spinning machine has been Shanxi Hongji Technology Co., Ltd.'s main advantage of the products, this exhibition, the company exhibited a new generation of long-staple SXF1589 spinning frame spinning machine. The maximum number of spindles of this machine is up to 1200 spindles. The drafting drive adopts synchronous drafting, the front of the vehicle is bidirectional and the drafting is stable. The winding hoisting and lowering system adopts servo elevating and moving smoothly to reduce the broken ends and improve the yarn quality. The doffing of the car in 3 minutes, drain pipe in 40 minutes, the retention rate of 97%, extubation rate of 99%. In addition, Hongji also introduced the world's leading technology semi-automatic air spinning - XF388 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine. The machine is equipped with a collective raw head device, allowing all semi-automatic spline joints, with high efficiency, high speed, intelligent, good quality yarn. Eco-environmental protection is a new bright spot In recent years, eco-environmental protection is gradually becoming the focus of textile machinery manufacturers, which is also reflected in this exhibition. Laroche, for example, has developed a series of non-woven fabric recycling technologies that can be used to dispose of waste garments and carpet waste and to enable users to produce large quantities of products using renewable resources and waste materials. Tianjin grand and Malte company exhibited eco-twist spinning machine set spinning, twisting, winding function in one, can reduce labor costs by 50%, saving a lot of floor space. The new THEN-AIRFLOW Airflow Dyeing Machine SYN 500 G2 from Lixin Industrial Co., Ltd. is suitable for all kinds of fiber fabrics. The unique air flow dyeing technology makes the machine have a low dyeing bath ratio. In addition, the machine also has automatic cleaning and filtration system and high temperature Emissions and other new features, in line with environmental requirements. HangZhou open source computer technology co., Ltd. exhibited dye auxiliaries automatic distribution system to achieve the printing and dyeing chemical measurement, dissolution, dilution, transportation, process monitoring and automation and information management can help printing and dyeing enterprises to improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce Enterprise production costs, to achieve cleaner production. Japan's Island Seiki, which is based on knitting, also exhibited its new inkjet printer, which is capable of producing high-quality, high-value-added products on demand. The SIP-160F2 plateless inkjet printer delivers full-color printing faster and easier than ever before. Unlike traditional presses, this machine eliminates the need for platemaking and uses the latest piezo Inkjet mode, to achieve a small batch, fast and flexible mode of production, but also make digital printing process more convenient and environmentally friendly. Wang Tiankai said after visiting the exhibition that the domestic textile machinery equipment has made rapid progress in recent years. This shows that the domestic equipment is further close to the demand of the development of China's textile market, the productivity is further enhanced, the performance in energy conservation and environmental protection is emphasized, the advanced equipment The gap is getting smaller and smaller. In the future, domestic textile machinery enterprises should also continue to narrow the gap with imported equipment and make more contributions to the development of China's textile industry. As host of the organizer, Wang Shutian, chairman of China Textile Machinery Industry Association believes that the products exhibited by domestic enterprises are almost covered by the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the textile industry and the "Outline of Building Powerful Countries in Textile Industry" All the advanced textile machinery. Whether cotton spinning equipment, chemical fiber equipment, or knitting equipment, the most significant feature is the speed, high efficiency, less labor. Most of the printing and dyeing equipment is based on energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection requirements developed with less water, anhydrous dyeing and recycling water products. These products have firmly grasped the theme of upgrading of the textile industry and the guidance of the state's industrial policies, and are all currently very much needed by the textile enterprises. "In addition to the scale of the exhibition, the number of visitors on more than any previous session, the most important thing is in each area of ​​textile machinery, all reflect the innovative thinking and innovative technology." Wang Shitian said.

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