Foreign apparel retailers It, H&M refused to open invoices

Recently, "H & M, It, Shenzhen consumers call you to invoice" was published, Jin Yan's experience caused a lot of consumers resonate. Jin Yan asked for invoices after buying clothes at apparel retailers such as It, H&M, etc. in Shenzhen KKMALL, but was repeatedly refused by these businesses for various reasons. If foreign brands make money in China, they should pay taxes in China. Again and again, when the vote is refused again, there is suspicion of tax evasion.

Rights Protection Progress: H&M Proposes Compensation

The reporter recently conducted a follow-up interview with consumer Jin Yan and learned about the progress of his rights protection. Mr. Jin told reporters that since the report “H&M, It, Shenzhen Consumers Calling You an Invoice,” he got a quick reply from the Tax Manager of Luohu Tax Bureau. The agent told him that after passing through the registered company of H&M. Inspectors, H&M put forward the following compensation measures: 1. Immediately issue invoices; 2. Indemnify Mr. Jin for 5 or 6 round trips. Mr. Jin expressed that he agrees with H&M's compensation.

The other brand, It, has not received any reply so far, and there is no remedy. Since one of the Luohu Tax Bureau's specialists checked with him once that it refused to issue invoices, it would not be heard from then on.

Retail stores: perfusing consumers for various reasons

The reporter recently posing as a consumer, came to KKMALL's It, H & M, zara, mango four foreign clothing retail stores unannounced visits found that some foreign brands still go their own way, did not see any improvement. When reporters asked for invoices, It and H&M's staff did not open or postpone invoices for various reasons. In contrast, Zara and Mango opened an invoice in two minutes.

The reporter selected a small vest at the It brand clothing chain store in Beijing KKMALL, but when the bill was paid, the staff told the shop that the invoice was used up. The reporter asked when the shop will have an invoice, the staff's reply is, maybe it depends on when the invoice is sent to the store.

Another foreign-branded H&M apparel retailer reporter once again encountered a ridiculous treatment. When a reporter pays for a good dress, he immediately asks the store's cashier "Can I open a ticket?" The other person answered with a definite answer first, but after a few minutes, he said to reporters waiting in front of the counter. Now Can't open because the invoice data hasn't arrived yet.

Different from the previous one, when the reporter asked when he could come to make up for the invoice, the staff member replied: “With a small ticket within a month to develop the ticket.” The answer is clear and clear.

But two days later, when the reporter took the first two days of computer tickets to enter the store again, he did not want the staff to announce: "It is very busy now, and we can't open the staff. You come back in time for a few days. "At that time, at around 6 pm on Friday, the shop's customers were really a bit more, and they had to queue up when they paid. Last resort, the reporter had to leave. Two times before and after, the reporter's idea of ​​vote was declared defeated.

The other two foreign brands zara and mango who had made unannounced visits were very successful on the issue of invoicing. The reporters entered the two clothing retail stores that are also in KKMALL, picking up a scarf and a dress respectively. They asked the cashier to open the invoice when they paid the bills. The cashiers of the two shops said nothing and quickly opened it as requested by the reporter. Good invoices. Before and after the time spent no more than 2 minutes, machine-printed invoices, very clear.

Consumer Reminder: Keeping Small Tickets and Other Evidence

The reporter interviewed Zhang, a lawyer with rich experience in rights protection. He believes that consumers are at a disadvantage compared to these international chain stores. If there is no certain skill in the process of defending the rights, it is very likely that it will not end. Consumers are advised to ask for an invoice. If the other party refuses to invoice on the spot, consumers should first keep a good computer ticket and credit card records, and then within a month with a small ticket to make up for the invoice, such as the other side or not for a variety of reasons In opening, consumers must insist that the other party's staff sign on the computer ticket and indicate the reasons for not having to open the ticket.

The last and most important point is that consumers must find business licenses and apply for tax registration certificates at these chain stores, and write down the exact registration names of the businesses. This is the most important information for consumers to safeguard their rights and complain about these brands. Many foreign brands do not apply for business licenses and tax registrations according to familiar brand names. For example, H&M and It are two brands. The names registered in China are not well-known brand names, but are unheard of by most consumers. “Guangzhou Perth Trading Co., Ltd.” and “Hainensi Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd.”, if consumers do not pay attention to this, they may be unable to return due to the fact that the tax regulator simply cannot find out what you have to complain about. Business name; In addition, it is also easy to accidentally injure businesses that would have taxed the business.

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