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Guangzhou Jia Yu clothing brand design consultant was founded in 1999, has been the industry leader. Is a professional design agency led by a famous teacher and brings together a number of brand operations and design and development of the "brain bank." 12 years focused on the design of the local market, fashion design agency for the professional technology platform, with five branches, business development and international standards covering More than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, as well as Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc. Services include: product planning, design management, design consultants, design hosting, buyer integration, product positioning planning, brand planning and implementation of brand operations And design and development of full service providers - from the planning to the terminal sales support a full set of services by the industry authority as "the best Chinese garment design industry leader."


珈钰服装 中国服装设计行业最佳领军企业

The organization's cultural and art director China top ten designers - Lin Zi-containing teachers, in the apparel industry has a strong reputation and influence, has been awarded the national authority: the Contemporary Master Medal, Chinese Outstanding Teacher Medal, Fashion Outstanding Contribution Award, Fashion Outstanding Achievement Award, Best Women's Design Brand Award, the best to lead the fashion figures, the Republic of China's economic construction Merit Award Medal more than 100 honors. 08 years to participate in the design of the Olympic costumes; in 2009 to become the 16th Asian Games torch relay costume design subcommittee invited expert review. And become the world's super model competitions worldwide lifetime jury, and listed companies and the world's top 500 enterprises and many other designated design consultants.

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