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Women, are unique! Women, have their own unique charm! MIGAINO's mission is to inspire Chinese young urban women's self-confidence and charm, so that they find their beauty, from the line of sight to themselves, proudly love themselves. In this mission, MIGAINO put forward a brand new concept - love yourself.


Since 1997 to enter the Chinese women's market, put forward a new brand concept in 2008, MIGAINO has gone through a towering decade. Over the past ten years, MIGAINO has been implementing an international design strategy: setting up an R & D center in Italy and cooperating with the top fashion design teams in France and South Korea, always grasping the trend of the world fashion trends; and the price positioning of products is close to the consumption level of white- . MIGAINO confident, in the "love yourself" brand concept under the guidance of MIGAINO will be better to help Chinese women plastic their own charm, leading them to the cutting-edge of the world trend.

In 2008, MIGAINO began to enter the international market. Uphold the concept of plastic "self-charm" for women, MIGAINO will gradually set up the image of the flagship store in Dubai, Japan and Tokyo. At the same time, it will also continue to expand its scale of operation on the basis of more than 500 domestic counters and specialty stores. From the point of view, from domestic to foreign countries, it will cover all major provincial capital cities and economically developed areas abroad. I believe in the near future, MIGAINO will become an international fashion leader brand, beyond the "Shenzhen most popular women's brand ," "one of the top ten women's brands in Shenzhen," "Shenzhen Top Ten fashion brand," the original achievements, so that the world The women have a taste of MIGAINO style.

MIGAINO时尚女装 爱上独一无二的你

2008 is just the beginning. MIGAINO will always insist on shaping the concept of women's "own charm", in order to occupy the pinnacle of the world's women's brand, to win more loyal consumers love and work hard. ● Our Philosophy Brand positioning has become a standard spiritual label brand that leads the Chinese women to plasticize their charm and become confident. Brand Mission Manuel let you fall in love with yourself. Brand value inspires confidence, let you distribute charm from the inside out. Low-key brand apart from the design style, superior craft quality, fitness functional modification. The target consumer group 25 to 35-year-old steady, but no lack of vitality, mature but no lack of fashion of mass urban women.

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