Beibei Yiyi children's clothing for children from the inside distribution of endless charm

Mountains and rivers of nature, spring flowers Moon, are nourishing our body and mind elements. Meet the sun, shower breeze, we dance. Beibei Yiyi children's wear clever use of these elements, so that children live a positive and healthy life, to adapt naturally become the owner of life. Beibei Yiyi brand orange, yellow as the main color, and the use of natural materials, strive to become the green brand of the new century. And Beibei Yiyi brand connotation, "to create a new generation of green children's wear brand" for the purpose, and the introduction of new products every year to give children a different life style, bring the unique clothing experience for children. Clothing is not just children's clothing, but also enhance their imagination. Beibei Yi children's clothing styles with a variety of matching, so that children exudes from the inside exudes an infinite charm.

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