5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Shoes

[ Benevolence - Shoes and Life] On the wedding day of the bride, wedding shoes play a decisive role. A pair of colorful shoes can not only add points to clothing, but also enhance the bride's personal taste; beautiful bride should be perfect from head to toe, in addition to a beautiful wedding dress, beautiful makeup, flashing jewelry and a charming smile.

Did you notice the bride's wedding shoes on your feet? Although the bride's shoes may be hidden under the skirt and not easy to appear, but a pair of exquisite bridal shoes not only makes your bride dress more perfect, but also carries the good wishes of your life with you, So the bride wedding shoes are very important! You are about to become a bride, are you ready?

The first move: It's best to choose your shoes from 3 to 6 in the afternoon, because the feet will expand slightly at this time. If the size you choose is not small at this time, there will be no problem wearing it at other times of the day. Stand on and try on because the feet are slightly larger when sitting than when they are sitting. When you try on it, you can't just wear it in and look in the mirror to buy it. You must go back and forth a few steps and carefully feel the stability and size of the shoe.

The second measure: Bring self-provided clean socks when testing shoes to facilitate the wear and tear on the shoes (especially the tight crotch of the crotch is very leggings) and avoid the sweat stains on the shoes that have been tested.

The third measure: There are about two-thirds of people whose feet are not the same size. Remember which one is short and try on two feet. Select the shoe according to the slightly bigger foot. Can not simply choose the shoes according to the number of shoes or trustee to buy, be sure to try on it personally, because to Shantou, style or brand model standards, the specific size of the shoes will be different.

The fourth measure: Feet will have thermal expansion and contraction depending on the season, so when you buy summer discount shoes in the winter, you may try to wear the right size and may be slightly smaller than the summer.

The fifth measure: The ideal size is at least: Ten toes can move freely in the shoe, with a comfortable cushion and a moderate internal space; the curvature of the bottom of the shoe and the depression of the foot is very close to the foot, and the cheekbones and the toes do not touch. To the shoe; the front foot must have a certain amount of room for action, if the toe can be used to hold the toe between the heel and the back of the shoe can also reach into the distance between a finger, this size is just right; the heel of the sole surface to be well posted Stay on the heel. When you are walking, you can't slip and slide. You can see from the top down whether the arch of the foot matches the central curvature of the shoe and whether the tightness of the foot is appropriate.

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