Aiwei Ta body corset allows you to wear 100% slim and beautiful

Women's waist beauty is an important part of the United States, but the lower abdomens of the crush who do not have confidence in their own body how to do? Unbearable bloated waist thick body, envy tall and shy body line. Aiwei Ta for the waist size of the special body, cover your body defects, to create the most charming girl, so you can wear 100% slim, wear beautiful. "Love Victoria Ta", specializing in the design, development, production and sale of medical health body sculpting underwear products. "Aiwei Ta" positioning in the achievement of Chinese women the perfect shape, weight loss and slimming the ultimate mission.


Aiwei Ta body corset allows you to wear 100% slim and beautiful

爱维Ta美体塑身衣  让你百分百穿出纤细美丽

Aiwei Ta body corset allows you to wear 100% slim and beautiful

This corset according to the structure of the human body and muscle tissue design, regular replacement of underwear scale, restore the correct body center of gravity, the lower part of the lungs to improve ventilation and smoothness, effectively reduce back pain, prevent spondylolisthesis and lumbar disc herniation The situation, to prevent the knee, hip disease can also be generated at the same time modified humpback, so that body posture be corrected. In addition, it also has an amazing slimming appearance, according to the structure of the clothes to enhance muscle tissue and shape, and have a flat stomach effect, reduce cellulite visibility. Easy to get between the abdomen, hip, shaping, slender legs, thin waist function, take the line smooth, so that people love to put it down.

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