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Fashion is always enduring, noble is magnificent, noble is the pursuit of fashion, boutiques are experience shop, close to life, take the personality line, Batik clothing shop to experience the emergence of breaking the original clothing Store pattern, it appears to bring more choices. Batik clothing shop experience the overall use of the European royal aristocrat space design elements, the use of glass steel vase integration of auspicious elements of China, magnificent design, simple and stylish style, display in front of consumers bright color hall and high-end elegance.
Batik clothing is the representative of the European urban fashion apparel, she focuses on comfort, relaxed; pay attention to the calm atmosphere, simple and natural, followed the pace of international fashion trends, combined with Chinese characteristics, commitment to the latest and most cutting-edge fashion design, to create " European Leisure, clothing grace, " the unique culture. Pathetic clothing is suitable for intellectuals aged 28-38 , who are young, confident, independent and full of charisma, so that people of different occupations, different identities and different fields, whether at leisure or working time, are as comfortable as Show their own charm.
You can experience the warm and romantic atmosphere like the western restaurant, you can experience the noble service of the European aristocrat and experience the elite life of the high society.
Here, apparel, taste life, rest, memorable those who walk past those seasons, those who own the beautiful Hua Sang, I suddenly felt more should be a piece of their own, on behalf of their own clothing style, this time, You will not hesitate, because you do not want to miss anything that is beautiful.
Batik clothing experience hall, not over-carved, but it is very elegant atmosphere. Batik clothing experience museum is more integrated into the functional service design concept, elegant European-style space design, simple, bright display of visual, where you can experience the shopping process, feel more comfortable , Comfortable leisure services, Batik clothing experience hall opening, means that people's consumer quality up a notch, shopping fun, emotional experience will consumers into another brand new consumer space.

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