Adidas new lightest basketball shoes

Adidas new lightest basketball shoes With regard to the new adidas brand on the international frontline, we always look forward to an exciting mood. Recently, the new adidas color version of the shoes with the Cuiyu exposure, to create the lightest basketball shoes have attracted the attention of Adi fans. This will be the beginning of adidas' new performance in this brand line.

This season's shoes attract more attention from fans than the adidas shoe designer Robbie Fuller designed the lightest basketball shoes adiZero Crazy Light 2. Following the exposure of a number of color combinations, there is a second green color release. The new product is made of SPRINTWEB black material that sparkles with silver reflection. It is equipped with green jade-like soles and shoelaces, which are crystal clear.

Crazy Light's new version will reduce the weight of the entire pair of shoes to an unprecedented 9.5 ounces. The latest SPRINTSKIN technology makes the body more ductile, and the damping function of the built-in MICOACH slot is even more exciting.

A pair of good basketball shoes must have a good player to count the perfect match. This pair of adidas cuiyu color version shoes, is currently being greatly loved by the NBA fans. Because adidas Cuiyu color matching shoes, whether from the performance, or professional, gave the shoe fans more surprises. Really worthy of the international first-line sports brand, always able to give sports enthusiasts to bring better works.

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