PPGIRL elegant girl costumes to create "elegant fashion brand"

Dongguan dancing girl Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, the company is committed to the development of brand apparel, production, promotion, and with strong economic strength and operational management experience in clothing, has been steady and healthy development, significant benefits, have a good Market prospects, the company brings together clothing professionals, combined with the consumer market in China on the fashion and the trend of demand, "close to the market design, elegant image and excellent quality, rigorous and pragmatic brand marketing service system to create" elegant fashion brand "


Since the establishment of the scale of rapid development, so far has more than 3,000 square meters of factory buildings. Have a professional design team, supported by a modern production base, a sound management system, the pursuit of integrity with the corporate image of the fine clothing culture. Brand clothing "PPGIRL" to capture the keen eye market dynamics, with a stylish, avant-garde design quickly occupied various domestic and foreign markets.

PPGIRL翩翩女孩服饰 创造“时尚优雅的品牌”

Business purpose: people-oriented business philosophy: "strict requirements, quality and efficiency of the operating principles"; implementation of professionalism, dedication, sincerity and innovation "refers to the different spirit, the implementation of" brand strategy, brand network, brand efficiency " Development strategy, and strive to open up the market well-managed to win customers for the company to win the honor, the current network has been all over the country, the goal is to enter the elegant Chinese clothing industry top 100, a well-known Chinese clothing brand , service every fashion , Elegant, individual female consumer.

PPGIRL翩翩女孩服饰 创造“时尚优雅的品牌”

We invite you to join, we are willing to join hands with you, and common development, create a win-win situation. Create "PPGIRL" brand, exhibition "PPGIRL" brand, today "PPGIRL" proud of your colleagues, tomorrow you peer "PPGIRL" as the glory.

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