"Golden" Autumn Fashion Recommend Khaki

Khaki is a hot color in recent years, so it was also selected as one of the popular colors in the fall of 2012. The khaki color was integrated into Harlan pants, adding a touch of classic style.

In recent years, khaki has a tendency of ramping up in the fashion field, and its natural and generous color is loved by the majority of people in the fashion industry. Khaki, in English or European sayings, is a type of green tinged brown fabric, or the color of such a fabric. Khaki is often difficult to define. It looks like apricot also has light brown. Its appearance is always staggering and it is difficult to determine the true color. According to fashion designer Raneek, the khaki is the earthy color, which is also the color of the natural feeling. It is close to the beige and brown, but it is not brown. However, the dark khaki looks similar to the brown. However, the usage is very different from the brown color, because the khaki can be used as the background color in the clothing of different colors.

With the arrival of the autumn, every fashion MM has turned its attention from the cool summer to a refreshing autumn. Of course, this popular color of autumn is also khaki. So, for everyone to recommend today is a khaki harem pants. Combine khaki into harem pants for a touch of classic style.

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