Warm congratulations Kang Lui Buji Gangtze underwear stores opened

Following Kang Luni Shenzhen stores opened platinum,康璐妮布吉Gangtou underwear to join the shop followed by grand opening! Kang Lu-ni in the "chain management, integrity and win-win" business principle of rapid development of its own strength, and achieved brilliant results, this year continued cooperation in the franchise opened nearly 60. With this year, Kang Luini autumn and winter new listing, Kang Lu Ni Franchise will be more innovative high!


Kang Lunei Buji Kongtou underwear franchise store facade display

Kang Lui Buji Gangtou franchise store new store openings, "Kang Lu Ni" signs three characters make people's eyes bright, the opening of the basket and the color of many balloons, as well as this year Kang Lui brand underwear brand new style, people could not help but stop, Into the store to watch some. "Buy one get one free," "gift," "coupons and other concessions" clumsy, Kang Lui Buji Gangtou brand underwear store warm hospitality, welcome to the vast number of consumers to shop shopping.


Kang Lunei Buji Gangtze franchisee street


Kang Lui Buji Gangbang underwear franchise underwear style display

Kang Lui brand underwear every year will launch underwear brand new style, this year is not another, Kang Lu Ni brand underwear hired international designers to create a new style of women's underwear style. Maximize the charm of women, including bra, body sculpting, underwear, warmth, home, leisure, socks, bathing suit eight series of comprehensive update, Kang Lanyi brand underwear launched a total of hundreds of new varieties, and continue to meet consumers higher underwear clothing Claim.


Kang Lunei Buji Gangtoung underwear casual wear home service line

Shenzhen Kang Lui underwear Clothing Co., Ltd. is a strong price advantage, quality advantage, service advantages, brand advantages and professional sales model, profit model to create a modern underwear brand franchise chain. At present, well-built underwear franchise stores in major cities, Kang Lanyi underwear invites you to join the sharing of underwear brand rich life!

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