Ruby buying skills

The charm of the ruby ​​pendant is unstoppable, its rare color makes it an important part in the gemstone circle. A shining ruby ​​pendant can perfectly show the feminine beauty and temperament. Many female friends hope to have a ruby ​​pendant to show themselves. Temperament, then how should we choose a ruby ​​pendant? What are the buying skills of ruby?

Ruby buying skills

First of all, you need to pay attention to the color of the ruby ​​pendant. The precious thing of the ruby ​​is that it has such a rare color. The ruby ​​pendant has various colors, the best is darker red, followed by the reddish purple. The following are dark pink, purple, slightly brownish red, others such as brownish red, blackish red, very light pink are poor ruby ​​pendants. In addition, when viewing the ruby ​​pendant from the countertop, only one color should be seen when rotating. If other colors are visible, the orientation of the ruby ​​pendant is not correct.

According to the budget, the size of the ruby ​​is chosen. Like diamonds or other gems, the larger the ruby ​​particles, the higher the price, so everyone needs to consider their own budget before purchasing, according to the budget. Choose, this will narrow the scope of the purchase, and secondly it will not let you exceed the budget.

Pay attention to the fire color of the ruby ​​pendant. The fire color is also called the fire. It refers to the color of the ruby ​​pendant under the illumination of the light source. This is a comprehensive expression of the quality of the ruby, a good ruby ​​pendant. When you turn gently, you can see that there are many red small flames shining inside the ruby. The fire color is also an important factor in determining the quality of the ruby. It should be noted that a high quality ruby ​​pendant requires the fire to occupy the entire crown. More than 55%.

Preferences are also factors that need to be considered comprehensively. The most important thing to buy jewelry is that you like it. In addition to considering the characteristics of your body shape, female friends are also ignoring elements that cannot be ignored. Some young women with fashionable personality can Choose some unique and stylish ruby ​​pendants, while women who like luxury styles can customize the ruby ​​pendant according to their own preferences. Of course, if you need to attend some of the more important banquets, you can put some ruby ​​earrings or rings on the ruby ​​pendant. This will better highlight your temperament.

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