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Pearl is an incredible miracle in the sea, like the bright moon in the night sky, falling into the dust, clear and eye-catching, round and elegant, from ancient times to now, human beings are deeply attracted to it.

As a generous gift from the sea, it has been deeply admired and loved by ladies for thousands of years. Jewelry made of pearls is elegant and suitable for people of all ages. In the custom of the jewelry industry, the pearl is regarded as the birthstone of June, which symbolizes health, nobleness, energy and purity.

The Orientals call it "the jewel on the moon" and believe it can strengthen friendship and strengthen mind and memory. Among the many jewels, it has a unique charm, giving people a sense of mystery and imagination with unique style and taste.

In the world of jewels, the pearl is a prominent royal family, the most characteristic of jewelry, so it has the reputation of "jewel queen". In the pearl kingdom, you can pick up the charm that other jewels are hard to express. The natural pearls are luxurious and luxurious, the sea pearls are beautiful, and the freshwater pearls are pure and elegant. In addition, the color of the pearl is also colorful, white, milk white, milk yellow, pink, rose, bronze, dark blue, black, which is best with white slightly rose, white light pink is also very popular. The top grade pearls must have a strong jewel luster and high transparency. A closer look reveals that this luster has a rainbow-like halo. Pearl is one of the earliest jewels used by human beings. The pearls are beautiful in color and can be a pleasing accessory without any processing. According to records, pearls can enhance memory, calm the mind, beauty and beauty, health and anti-aging, eyesight, Zhenjing, and meditation enlightenment. The ancients regarded pearls as part of their lives and were always worn on their bodies as an embodiment of luck and health.

Pearls represent beauty, tenderness, love and purity, and can be said to be perfect and elegant jewelry. In recent years, the design of pearl jewellery has also been elegant and elegant. It is not only inlaid with gold and gold, but also with platinum and diamonds. It shows that the pearl is bright and soft, and the classical necklace and earring series are romantic and dexterous. The pearl diamond necklace and ring collection is not only beautiful, but also fully reveals the taste of the wearer.  寄 寄 寄 七 七 七 钟 钟 钟 钟 钟 钟 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七 七

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